Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Veil Begins!

And I can't play until 9pm due to a linear programming and simulation final. :/

Here is an *excellent* guide to all the quests: http://www.wow.com/2009/12/14/the-overachiever-guide-to-winter-veil/

Irritatingly, I found the following: "UPDATE: One our readers wrote in to note that the initial Ogri'la quest chain, while still available in the game, is no longer required to unlock the Ogri'la dailies. I just confirmed this with an alt who hadn't started the Ogri'la quest chain. If you have a character without any previous Ogri'la rep, all you'll need to to do is run them to Ogri'la (28,57) in Blade's Edge and get started."

Yeah, I didn't need to do all that running around after all. Hmm. :/

I also found that I need 325 cooking to make Apple Cider for one of the achievements. Since I only have around 200, I'll need to get this up today as well.

Plan for today:

1. Do as much winter veil as possible.
2. Do daily Argent Tournament quests. (Ideally including Threat from Above this time)
3. Get cooking to 325 and get the gourmet achievement.
4. Farm instances to try to get the Winter Veil hat for the set needed for Tis' the Season.

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