Thursday, December 10, 2009

First thoughts on the scale of this task

One Thousand and Fifty-Four achievements doesn't sound like a lot when you look at the numbers. After all, it's just a video game. It should be fairly straightforward, right?


I have four main concerns about this undertaking:

1. Some achievements are time-specific, such as all of the Holiday achievements. If I miss even a single one, I miss my goal and can't complete it for another year.

2. I need to be excellent at PVP and PVE, and have a group that is likewise. Since I barely PVP at all (I haven't ever broken 1500 rating in arenas) and my current raiding guild hasn't killed Yogg yet, this could be something of a challenge. Still, how hard can it be, right? :)

3. There is just so MUCH content, it's crazy. All the "exalted" reputations, for example, will take weeks to grind on their own. Plus all of the low level quests I ignored on my rush to 80. Remember, this is a "new" character - I haven't done any of the old dungeons or raids. Since I work full time, have a family, and I'm doing an MBA in Finance most evenings, I don't have a lot of time to simply grind so I will need to be extremely efficient and plan ahead.

4. Planning is a big one. It looks like many of the achievements require things like rep with a faction that can harm the rep with a second faction. Fortunately "The Insane" ( is a Feat of Strength so I don't need to do it but I still need to be careful and come up with a good gameplan.

So, on to the plan. As I have limited time each week, my goal is to focus on completing a priority system of achievements and hopefully knock out many of the others while I am working on some of the bigger ones.

Priority 1 has to be the time-specific holiday quests, to eventually get "What a long Strange Trip it's Been..." ( I envision this will be one of the last achievements I get, since it takes a full year to achieve.

Priority 2 will be raid achievements. I only have 52 potential slots (once per week) at these and many attempts with my raiding guild will simply not be going for achievements. Thus, because of time constraints, I need to shoot for as many as possible when I can.

Priority 3 are achievements that require a lot of repeated daily quests, again for similar reasons - I don't want to run out of time.

Priority 4 will be completing regular quests. My hope is that by simply doing every quest in the world, I can get a lot of reputation and exploration credits at the same time, as well as other things like "total gold from quests". The reputation will help wih things like mounts and tabbards and pets as well. Completing these will also complete a lot of dungeons. The rep thing is particularly important since I have almost ZERO rep with 1-70 factions and very limited rep with 70-80 groups, again because this is a new character.

Priority 5 will be PVP. I'm going to make it a goal to work on battleground achievements for the first part of the challenge so that I can devote the second half to getting an extremely solid arena team going and crack the harder arena items.

Priority 6 will be old world dungeons that I didn't do as part of quests and basic tradeskills. There can really be done at any time, although fishing will take a long long time and probably deserves it's own priority. Of course, I lack 450 fishing and cooking so I'll need to work on those too.

I can't stress how little of the content I have completed on this character. I powerlevelled from 1-80 and skipped almost all of the quests. Most of my map is still blank, especially in the old world and I have exactly 4 exalted factions (all new ones). This is a huge undertaking, especially with an average of 90 minutes a day to play.

Since there is no Holiday quest going on (the first is the feast of winters veil) I am going to start work on some daily quests and also review most of the achievements to see which area I should start to focus on first.

Time to get started.

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