Friday, December 18, 2009

Holy crap, they weren't kidding: Battlemaster is going to be a grind!

I've been reading more about the Battlemaster achievement and I realized that in order to get it, I need to be exalted with Arathi Basin (or, technically, The Defilers).

On my old character, this wasn't an issue - just turn in tokens for reputation and I was most of the way there. (I was trying for High Warlord at one point, so lots of BG's were called for). Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. You now get 100 reputation per GAME of AB, assuming you win.

Since I'm not yet friendly, that means I need roughly 500 games of AB to get exalted. Damn. And there really isn't any other way to do it - the only quest available is a one-time quest that gives 800 rep at friendly.

This means I'm looking at doing a couple of AB's every single day for a year. My "45 day" plan is going to have to be changed to "everything but rep in 45 days".

500 games at 20 minutes a game = 167 hours of playing. That's assuming I win. :/

My only real hope for doing this (and the Warson Gulch equivalent) is to get a premade group going every time a battleground holiday rolls around. (130 rep over 100, and bonus honor).

A good premade can probably win in an average of 10 minutes, perhaps 15 with queuing and waiting for the BG to pop. That's still an absurd amount of games however.

Since it's just queuing and joining, I can be semi-AFK and still grind the rep. This means I can get it by logging in at lunch from work, on the train home etc. so perhaps it's not as bad as I thought.

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