Thursday, December 10, 2009

So far, so good.

I spent my first day trying to come up with a solid plan for improvement. As I browsed the achievements, I realized that the task is much bigger than I thought. I was going to start by knocking out all the fishing achievements, until I saw quite how many of them there are.

For someone who has always hated fishing, it's a scary sight. I need to get 450 fishing, obviously but more than that, I have to win at least one fishing competition and fish up a ridiculous number of items from various fountains and lakes in the game world.

I'd estimate that, purely from fishing alone, I have 40 hours of work ahead of me. The drop rate on items like the magical crawdad are minuscule. Clearly I need to try to combine fishing with other achievements like cooking and exploration if I am to make best use of my time.

Still, the day was pretty good. I knocked out 5 achievements: Shave and a Haircut, Black War Mammoth, Explore Westfall (I was trying to do Deadmines, both for the achievement, and for wool to turn in to the reputation vendors, but I ran out of time), Safe Deposit and 5 Exalted reputations.

The last one was a biggie - I got exalted with Sons of Hodir, starting with barely honored. The new 650 rep from 10 Relics of Ulduar helped a lot with this.

Other than this, I did 2 wintergrasps and 4 of the new random heroic dungeons, and I completed a number of quests including many dailies for the Argent Tournament.

As I start on my journey, I'm realizing how interconnected all of the achievements are: a great number of them can be completed at the same time as each other. For example, a dungeon achievement can also help a number of quest achievements, the "read various books" achievement, reputation and explorations, amongst others.

I've decided (along with the dailies) that I want to focus on knocking out the higher level zones first in order to get a decent sense of accomplishment going early. I also need to get my fishing up to 450 as soon as I can since many of the exploration quests will take me to places that I need to fish. The same goes for cooking - I know there are lots of recipes in the world that will come to me while completing other quests and/or are only available when I'm at a certain level of cooking.

So, the plan:

Dailies first for rep, then work on cooking, fishing and first aid to 450. Once I get this, focus on doing the fishing and cooking dailies every day as well as the rep ones (apparently some recipes, like chocolate cake, can take almost a year to get randomly)

I plan to fish in a few key places: the Dalaran Fountain (for the various coins for The Coin Master) and wherever the Magical Crawdad Box is found. I'm going to load up on fish attractors before I begin since my skill is a meagre 220 :/

Cooking will have to come when I have time.

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