Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beta update - best achievement EVER!

It probably won't make it to live. But check out this feat of strength from the beta:


  1. Awesome, but it looks like that's a guild achievement to be shared across multiple different players and not a feat of strength. This makes it less ridiculous, but not less awesome, IMO.

    I imagine it *will* make it into Cata in this form.

  2. Never mind - I see that Martin Fury is on there. No one is going to get Martin Fury.

  3. First off, love the blog and the posts dealing with gold generation with a business stand point. I thought I would warn you about the difficulties with achieving the salty title. Due to the kaluk and booty bay fishing event, only 104 people a year can achieve this title. While you can have friends help eliminate competition in stv, you cannot have friends help you for the kaluk tournament due to being across all of northrend.

    Anyway, good luck and look forward to reading more posts!

  4. Good point! I need to get on my booty bay achievement starting next weekend! thanks for the reminder!