Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mag'har of Draenor!

This one wasn't too bad. It took around 3.5 hours of grinding to get from revered to exalted.

You'll be revered if you picked up Loremaster - I was roughly 2000/21000 when I started. I killed roughly 800 ogres, flying between ogre camps in Nagrand to get the respawns. You'll also get lots of cystals for Halaa - this is important as Halaa has another two mounts you can buy for Mountain o' Mounts.

The Mag'har give you eight  Talbuk ground mounts for getting exalted with them. Because I had already picked up Sporegar and Timbermaw Hold, I also got "The Diplomat" title and achievement. Finally, I got "25 Reputations" from this grind.

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