Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost finished with Argent Tournament

I have been slowly working my way through all of the "Champion of..." achievements, picking up one every 5 days. I got Undercity this morning and I'm due to get Silvermoon, my last and final one, by the 5th of January. I'll get my pony then as well, and I'll be sure to duel someone to finish up the entire event set of achievements.

I got lucky this morning and finally got the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe. This is roughly a 1% drop from each of the two cooking dailies and is required for an achievement in its own right as well as for several meta achievements. I've heard stories of people not getting this recipe over the course of an entire year of dailies, so I was glad to get it after only a couple of weeks.

I started collecting other recipes to help with the Chef achievement and once again I'd like to stress how good the Ackis Recipe List mod is - it shows every recipe you are missing along with exactly where to find it. I'm almost at 100 now.

I hope to start running MC this weekend as it's possibly the longest rep grind in terms of real-world time. (It needs 26 weekly runs to get to exalted). I also plan on completing all of the Northrend quests tomorrow for Loremaster and getting started on the low-level oldworld quests.

Finally, I just want to mention that I picked up a Battered Hilt on Christmas Day (nice present!) from Forge of Souls. The questline is a lot of fun and it has a nice achievement at the end of it. Oh, yeah, and a 251 ilevel weapon...

Achievements: 364/1054 (3795 points)
Days to go: 344

Recent Achievements:
Plenty of Pets (christmas pets helped out here)
Champion of Thunder Bluff
Grizzled Veteran
Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle
the quel serar one! (from the battered hilt)
1000 fish!
Explore Zul'Drak
Explore Northrend
The Fishing Diplomat
Explore Dun Morogh
25 Dalaran Cooking Awards
Kickin it up a Notch
Champion of the Undercity

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loremaster just became a lot simpler

The biggest problem with Loremaster is not completing the quests, it's FINDING them. Especially in the old world, many quests span several zones and don't show up until you have completed other quests. Since I'm looking to complete 300+ quests, this was going to be a major problem.

Enter EveryQuest a mod that shows every single quest giver in the game, or (most useful) only the ones you still need to visit.

Normally this wouldn't be possible, but as of 3.3 (the latest patch), it's possible for a UI mod to query the server and get a list of every quest that has already been completed, meaning only the ones you still need to do will show up on the map.

My plan now is to go to Kalimdor and start with all the new player areas and work my way through the whole game doing all the quests that I missed the first time around.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Musings on Loremaster

Looking at the sheer scale of the task in front of me has made me realise that I need to accelerate my progress if I'm going to get done in time.

The PVP achievements look like they will be some of the hardest, especially the arena ones. The new season is starting in a couple of weeks and I'd like to get started right away.

Another concern is being able to find a group for all of the older achievements and instances - who really wants to do undying when new content is available and we all have enough triumph badges? Because of this, I'm becoming aware that I'll need to get runs going of Naxx and ulduar as quickly as possible to cash in on people that still need a few more badges.

As a result, I'm looking to finish Loremaster before the new arena season comes out, or by around the 20th of January, whichever is earlier so I can devote more time to PVP. I should be finished with Northrend in the next couple of days.

I think that I'll go right back to the old content and alternate between there and Outland to get all the requisite quests done in order to avoid boredom. One strategy that was strongly suggested to me when working on the old-world quests is to start at each of the starting areas and take the chains all the way thorugh to the final zones. The reason for this is clear: unlike Outland and Northrend, the quests are not nicely split up by zone in the old world and many of the quests span many zones and instances.

I have been focusing on Argent Tournament dailies (and cooking and fishing) over busing out every possible quest. The reason for this is that many of the old-world quests give recipies or take me to locations that I need to fish in. Also, having a portable mailbox/bank for my squire will be extremely useful when stuck in the middle of nowhere, questing.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yes, it's Christmas

Volunteer Work
Not One But two Jormungars
Three Sixty Pain Spike
Critter Gitter
Vehicular Gnomeslaughter
Bread Winner
Master Fisherman
Chef De Partie
Tis the Season
I've toured the Fjord
He knows if you've been Naughty
Our Daily Bread
Split Personality

Other stuff:

Exalted with Taunka and with the northrend undread people
Picked up the Tasty Cupcakes recipe

I've Toured the Fjord was fairly simple, although it's important to remember to do the quest chains starting with the guy at the ancient lift.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I try to do daily

My current Daily quest routine:

Dalaran daily cooking quest (1)
Shattrath Cooking and Fishing quests (2)
Argent Tournament Dailies (8 or so)
Oracles Daily quests (3)
PVP daily (1)

I try to get all of the above done every day, and plan on continuing to do so until I reach my goals. In terms of cooking, I need the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe and enough tokens to buy all of the trainer recipes. For Oracles, I need to do all 8 dailies and reach exalted. In terms of the Argent Tournament, at the very least I need to become a faction champion for all 5 cities and get aenough tokens to buy a pony. (I need 150. I have 100 or so.)

After the dailies, I generally try to do a random heroic for the frost badges and then work on my current focus if I have any extra time. Right now, I'm working on the Northrend quests for Loremaster - I'd like to do a zone per day but realistically I can see it taking a couple of days for some zones.

I also raid at specific times and do random PVP/ heroics with friends if I get bored. Fishing is something I try to do for at least 10 minutes a day, fishing up the coins from the Dalaran fountain.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Loremaster going well - Sholozar Basin down

Explore Sholozar
Call of the Crusade (10 man)
Enter the Basin!

I'll (again) post something more detailed soon but essentially, I'm working on Loremaster and it's going well - I hope to finish the whole of Northrend in about a week.

Lots of Progress

going to edit this later. but for right now, I got a lot done:

Medium Rare
2x Violet Hold ones
Watch Him Die
Halls of Reflection (Heroic)
Onyxia 10-man no deep breaths
The Sunreavers (exalted)
Explore Borean tundra
Call of the Crusade (25 Player TOC)
Nothing boring About Borean (harder than it looks)

Achievements: 333/1054 (3470)
Days to go: 357

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not much time today: just did dailies (and got really lucky)

I picked up Tastes Like Chicken yesterday and then chased a Dranei priest all over Dalaran to complete Let It Snow.

I ground out Champion of the Sen'Ji at the argent tournament and I'm now working on Thunder Bluff. At this rate (5 days per faction) I have another 15 days of dailies to go before I'm done with all 5 factions. I'll still need to grind tokens however for my pont, pets and mounts.

Speaking of pets. I didn the Shattrath cooking and fishing dailies and got pretty lucky, nabbing Chuck's Bucket on my first Crocolisk's in the City completion.

I also picked up the Stormchops and Kiblers Bits recipes from bags, so I'm pretty happy with my RNG luck today.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best place to fish the sea turtle mount AND "The one that got away"

Both of these achievements look pretty time consuming. Apparently the best place to fish is in the pools in the lake near the maiden, since this gives you a shot at two achievements instead of just one.

Holy crap, they weren't kidding: Battlemaster is going to be a grind!

I've been reading more about the Battlemaster achievement and I realized that in order to get it, I need to be exalted with Arathi Basin (or, technically, The Defilers).

On my old character, this wasn't an issue - just turn in tokens for reputation and I was most of the way there. (I was trying for High Warlord at one point, so lots of BG's were called for). Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. You now get 100 reputation per GAME of AB, assuming you win.

Since I'm not yet friendly, that means I need roughly 500 games of AB to get exalted. Damn. And there really isn't any other way to do it - the only quest available is a one-time quest that gives 800 rep at friendly.

This means I'm looking at doing a couple of AB's every single day for a year. My "45 day" plan is going to have to be changed to "everything but rep in 45 days".

500 games at 20 minutes a game = 167 hours of playing. That's assuming I win. :/

My only real hope for doing this (and the Warson Gulch equivalent) is to get a premade group going every time a battleground holiday rolls around. (130 rep over 100, and bonus honor).

A good premade can probably win in an average of 10 minutes, perhaps 15 with queuing and waiting for the BG to pop. That's still an absurd amount of games however.

Since it's just queuing and joining, I can be semi-AFK and still grind the rep. This means I can get it by logging in at lunch from work, on the train home etc. so perhaps it's not as bad as I thought.

10 More achievements and a lot of minor things

I busted out another 10 achievements yesterday. I leveled cooking to 325 to get the Gingerbread Cookie recipe for Treats For Greatfather Winter.

I did all the Argent Tournament dailies and in the process, fished from my first node for The Old Gnome and the Sea.

I ran a quick heroic at the behest of some guildies and picked up Don't Look Up. I also picked up Haunted Herring recipe which is part of a couple of achievments. I also picked up a solid MH fist for my enhance set.

My stuff finally arrived in the mail, so I did A Frosty Shake in Dalaran.

I did the fishing and cooking dailies in Shattrath, getting my fishing up to 245. My reward was Fish Don't Leave Footprints from a Weatherbeaten Journal. Tracking fish is eessential to many other fishing achievements so I'm glad I got this one.

I dinged exalted with Warsong Offensive while doing dailies.

I did a wintergrasp. We were on offense so after completing the weekly quests, I focused on trying to get kills in the less populated areas for Wintergrasp Ranger.

I followed this up with a 25 man Vault of Archaron althought I failed to get anything good then I ground my cooking to 350 and got Grand master Cook. Then I did the dalaran cooking daily (very easy) and got my first Dalaran Cooking Award.

I also picked up two new recipes from doing the cooking/fishing dailies this morning: Captain Rumsey's Lager and Skullfish Soup. I got the achievement for the lager.

I picked up the Kungaloosh recipe from Washed Up Mage and got Short Order Cook from this.

I also drank 25 different beverages for It's Happy Hour Somewhere.

I've been reading about the fishing achievements some more - it looks like the STV fishing tournament is going to be a huge pain in the ass to accomplish. I only have 51 attempts to get it this year and I'm sure I'll miss a few Sundays here and there. I'm going to use This Strategy as well as having a number of guild members help me out by killing allies and blocking bobbers. I'm on a PVP server so it's probably the only way to win.

Total Achievements: 319
Days to go: 359

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here are my current major achievement milestones. While I plan on working on other things (top priority is world events, then dailies, then weekly stuff then this) I'd like to be done by the following dates:

Loremaster - Goal: get this within 60 days. i.e. by 15th Feburary
Battlemaster - Goal: get this within 45 days. i.e. by 1 April
Arena Achievements - Goal: Get 3v3 to 2200 achievement this coming season, finish by the next season.
Endgame 25-man Raid achievements - I expect this to be the hardest since it involves a lot of other players and tough encounters.

Things I'll work on casually:

Fishing (I need about 10,000 casts to get everything by some estimations...)
5-man content
Most 10-man content
Old Raids
Old Dungeons
Reputations (26 weeks of Molten Core!)

And, of course, the world events.

Another Interview Link with a top achiever

"What achievement did you have to work the hardest for?
Battlemaster definitely – it’s a massive timesink and it doesnt really help when the other team mates, when you’re pugging it, are complete idiots! "


"Were there any achievements you looked at initially and thought ‘nah, not for me’?
Frostbitten and Bloody Rare definitely! For both of them I pretty much got everything except for 4 rares in the first week. Then it took me another 6 weeks to finish the rest of them off."

I personally think that Battlemaster is proving to be a huge amount of fun. Perhaps when I get to the final few achievements I'll think differently, but for now, I love working on them and having a solid goal each game that's different from simply winning the BG.

On Reputation and Daily Quests

Below is a list of all the reputations that I plan to get for the "40 Exalted Reputations" achievement. These reputations are all required to be at exalted
for other achievements:

Darkspear trolls
Silvermoon City
The Undercity
Timbermaw Hold
The Mag'har
The Argent Dawn
The Argent Crusade
Cenarion Circle
Cenarion Expedition
Zandalar Tribe
Hydraxian Waterlords
Brood of Nozdormu
Lower City
The Sha'tar
Keepers of Time
Sha'tari Skyguard
Shattered Sun Offensive
The Consortium
The Scryers
Ashrongue Deathsworn
The Scale of the Sands
The Violet Eye
The Wormrest Accord
The Horde Expedition
Knights of the Ebon Blade
The Kulu'ak
The Frenzyheart Tribe
The Oracles
The Kirin Tor
The Ashen Verdict
The Sunreavers (Argent Tournament)
Frostwolf Clan (PVP)
The Forsaken Defilers (PVP)
Warsong Outriders (PVP)

That's 41 *required* reputations for other achievements. What concerns me the
most is that some of the factions (Hydraxian Waterlords in particular) are
basically impossible to grind - you have to simply do a weekly resettable raid
dungeon every week for 26 weeks. This _seems_ easy enough, but I worry about
missing a few weeks here and there and simply not being able to complete
everything in time.

I'm not really worried about grindable reputations and reputations with a lot
of daily quests since I'm not really limited much in the number of times I can
do these quests. The Waterlords and the Brood of Nozdormu are probably the most
concerning and will take a prolonged, dedicated effort. By comparison, ZG is,
at least in theory, partially soloable.

Getting all these to exalted opens up a lot of pets and mounts that I need for
the other achievements as well as a large number of meta-achievements.

My plan is simple: focus on Sunreavers/Argent Crusade/5 Home Cities via the
Argent Tournament dailies until I hit exalted. Work on Outland and Northrend
dailies where possible, doing the hardest ones first. Use quests and grinding
for most of the others and look for dedicated groups for some of the Classic
raid reps (with targetted grinding where possible).

Getting most of these factions will unlock the most of the mounts needed for "A Mountain of Mounts" (Collect 100 mounts) The best guide I have seen for this achievement is here:

An excellent list of most daily quests in the game, along with the reputation gains is listed here:

My plan for this rep, coupled with other dailies:

Work on getting all of the Argent Tournament rep (5 Home factions plus Sunreavers and Argent Crusade) via doing as many of those dailies as I can. This will also unlock new dailies when Sunreavers hits exalted - dailies that I can use to get tokens to buy mounts with.

While doing this, it's probably a good idea to work on Oracles Rep until I hit exalted by doing the dailies regularly. The reason for this is that I need to do all 8 dailies for the achievement, hit exalted, then repeat with Frenzyheart which will reset my Oracles reputation back to honored in order to get all of the achievements needed.

Obviously, while doing the dailies, I'll be able to search for the missing NPC's for Frostbitten and probably do any regular quests that I find myself near.

The other dailies that I pretty much need to do every day are the two cooking and fishing dailies. These are my number 1 priority since I need completely random items with a very low (<1%) drop rate from these two quests for other achievements. (Especially Chocolate Birthday Cake). I'll get Kirin Tor rep from the cooking. I also want to do the battleground daily each day as it's a good way to get honor and break any monotony.

If I have time, I'll work on the Kalu'ak dailies for 500 reputation each in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight and Howling Fjord.

After all that, I'll go do Ogrila, Skyguard and Netherwing dailies if I have time.

Finally, I'll work on completing the regular quests that are NOT near any dailies that I am working on. I'll start with Borean Tundra. Doing all the quests is a great way to pick up rep.

I plan to work backwards in time, focusing on the current content and gradually moving to BC and then working on older content. This means I won't reach Timbermaw and other factions until later in the project and at that time, I'll post my strategy.

More Winter Veil, lots of cooking, Some Silithus

I picked up Lance-a-lot by accident yesterday while working on completing all of the argent tournament dailies. I still hate dueling.

Simply Abominable was easy - the mob respawn rate is much higher than when this quest first came out and I got in in a minute.

I was extremely happy with Less Rabi coming out of a pug that someone put together for the express purpose of getting the achievement. All they needed was a dps shaman so I put my PVP set on and Wind Shear'ed our way to victory.

I did Bro's Before HoHoHo's this morning and stumbled upon a second rarespawn needed for Frostbitten. The mod again proves its worth! I have a screenshot below to show what happens when NPCScan detects a rare mob. Interestingly, I was flying over to get to warsong hold for the Winter Veil achievement, so now I have confirmation that it works even if you fly over the area with the mob using a flightpath.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I spent quite a bit of time levelling cooking up to 300 (and got the achievement for getting past this level). The cookies needed for winter veil are 325 skill, which is right around what I need to start the outland dailies as well so I plan on doing both later today. The new Bear Flank recipes in Feralas helped a great deal - no need to fish to get to 285 and froom 285 to 300, you just need Sandworm Meat from silithus.

I also busted out 10 Silithus quests (I'd never even gone to the zone before, since this is a reroll and I power leveled to 70 the week before WOTLK) and so I had to run most of the way there to get the flightpath. Fortunately, the quests give Cenarion rep which is a nice boost since I need to get exalted with this faction as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Going to get cooking to 350 for Winter Veil

Using this guide:

Technically, I could level fishing and cooking at the same time, but that seems more time consuming and I need to get started on the Veil stuff as soon as possible. Getting high enough to start the daily quests for cooking will help a lot with other achievements anyway.

I'm raiding again tonight, finishing at 10pm so I probably only have an hour or an hour and a half to spend on achievements. I'm going to do some Veil stuff, some cooking stuff and try to get all the argent tournament dailies done.

Winter Veil going well

I got home pretty late from my final yesterday and headed right into the new 25 man content (ICC). We broke up at 10pm, leaving little time for achievements yesterday but I managed to coomplete On Metzen, With a Little helper From My Friends, Scrooge and Fa-la-la-la-Ogrila.

I also did the STV arena again with a paladin friend. Having the second person helped a lot since three others showed up to claim it for themselves. My new PVP spec (okay, and Minari's awesomeness) destroyed them. I love wolves!

I also completed the PVP daily and generally had a lot of fun playing enhance. It's an excellent spec and very versatile - I feel like I have a shot against anyone.

I failed to do any other dailies yesterday: it was after midnight when I was finishing up the PVP quests for Winter Veil and I had to be up at 5.30. Hopefully tonight I can squeeze some in - I really want that damn pony!

Achievements: 304/1054 (3180)
Days to go: 361

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Veil Begins!

And I can't play until 9pm due to a linear programming and simulation final. :/

Here is an *excellent* guide to all the quests:

Irritatingly, I found the following: "UPDATE: One our readers wrote in to note that the initial Ogri'la quest chain, while still available in the game, is no longer required to unlock the Ogri'la dailies. I just confirmed this with an alt who hadn't started the Ogri'la quest chain. If you have a character without any previous Ogri'la rep, all you'll need to to do is run them to Ogri'la (28,57) in Blade's Edge and get started."

Yeah, I didn't need to do all that running around after all. Hmm. :/

I also found that I need 325 cooking to make Apple Cider for one of the achievements. Since I only have around 200, I'll need to get this up today as well.

Plan for today:

1. Do as much winter veil as possible.
2. Do daily Argent Tournament quests. (Ideally including Threat from Above this time)
3. Get cooking to 325 and get the gourmet achievement.
4. Farm instances to try to get the Winter Veil hat for the set needed for Tis' the Season.

Respecced and re-geared to enhance

In preparation for my goal of 2200 in 3's next season, I spent an hour and a half respeccing enhancement and collecting a stack of PVP enhance gear.

I had a lot of stuff lying around in my bank and a large collection of tokens and honor and a few arena points helped round everything out. I'm wearing 2xT8.5 and 3x the PVP set plus a bunch of other PVP items. I lack good weapons (I have an ilevel 200 and 213 fist and mace respectively) but my dps and burst seems reasonable.

I did an AV, several EotS (the daily) and an Isle of Conquest to get used to the spec. It's a lot of fun. The only achievement I picked up was Flurry although I got several wins for other achievements. We also won the same Eye of the Storm 1600 to ... 2. If it was 0, that would have been another achievement. Finally, in the same BG, the game bugged out while I was the flag carrier with all 4 bases held and refused to cap my flag for a third achievement.

My take on EotS achievement is that they look pretty easy compared with some like "win AV in 6 minutes" that needs a dedicated group.

Finally, I forced myself to do all 8 of the Argent tournament solo dailies before going to bed. I think the one I hate the most is the duels. Dueling 7 mobs is very tiresome. It's not like there are every any surprises, just the same button presses over and over. Still, I want my portable mailbox.

Feast of Winter Veil pops when the servers come up. Hopefully I can bust through most of the quests tonight.

Achievements: 300/1054 (3140)
Days to go: 362

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Veil and pets

In particular :

"72. Father Winter's Helper (Winter's Veil)
73. Tiny Snowman (Winter's Veil)
74. Winter Reindeer (Winter's Veil)
75. Winter's Little Helper (Winter's Veil)"

Looks like I have some pet-fetching to do for the Lil' Game Hunter achievement that I plan to work on later. is truly excellent for finding all the the missing ones incidentally.


Hydraxian in particular is going to be ridiculous since this is a reroll and I have yet to run MC. The only way to get rep past revered is to kill bosses in MC for 100 rep a time (so 800 or so rep a run).

This means I'm looking at a minimum of 22 MC runs.

Brood of Nozdormu is, in some ways, worse, but at least there are tokens that are purchaseable - I'm going to start stocking up on these as soon as possible.

Zul'Gurub is the third "classic" dungeon that I need rep with, but at least there I can collect biju's and solo farm parts of it. For MC I'll need a group of 4+ level 80's willing to run MC 20-odd times.

On the PVP front, the more I read, the more I like Beast Cleave (Enhance Shaman, Beast Mastery Hunter, Holy Paladin) for 3's. It's virtually immune to CC and has a lot of burst. Arena season ends in a few weeks so I doubt I'll hit 2200 with zero experience and little time and no gear and no team (heh, understaement of the month?) but it's worth getting some practice in and gearing up for the next season.

Tonights plan:

0. Gather eggs and other mats in preperation for tomorrows quests.
1. Gather some enhance gear with arena points, WG badges, tokens and honor and arena points and get it gemmed and enchanted.
2. Play the BG daily to get used to controls.
3. Do 10 arena games to get at least a tiny number of points for next week.
4. Finish the dailies for Argent Tournament and Skyguard/ Ogrila and the Outland fishing daily.
5. If I have time, nab a third STV Gurubashi arena trinket.

Ogrila quests and WG

I finished off the night by doing the giant Ogrila quest chain, starting with Speak with the Ogre.

I needed help with this as, despite the fast it's a level 70 quest, you have to kill 4 5-man elites. I couldn't do it as elemental (they reset if you kite them) and as resto it was taking forever so a rogue friend helped out.

I'm now in a position to do all these dailies as well as the other skyguard ones and I can do "Bomb them Again" for Fa-la-la-la-la-Orgrila which is available tomorrow.

A quick Wintergrasp followed where I focused on killing mounted players with cannons. I got a few, but it's harder than it looks to kill people before they dismount.

Finally, I boned up on PVP specs. I'm pretty certain I'm going to switch to enhance, despite not having any enhance gear presently. All the top shamans in 3v3 on ArenaJunkies are enhance and given the resent Fire Nova Totem elemental nerf (no longer stuns) I think it's time to embrace the axes.

Achievements: 299/1054 (3130)
Days to go: 362

Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Battlegrounds and PVP achievements

I'm thinking about how I should start working on all the BG achievements and trying to decide what I should be focusing on in arena (2's, 3's, 5's) for the coming season.

I think that for a shaman with little arena experience, 3's is going to be the easiest of the three to get 2200 in. 2's is currently not a shamans game and 5's, while fun with elemental, is too difficult without a solid amount of experience. There are just too many things going on.

The best 3's spec right now is enhance. The best 2's spec could potentially be enhance also, but looks like it's resto, at least from the top 100 list on and the best 5's spec is elemental.

Elemental and Resto can share gear. Enhance gear is fairly useless for the other two specs.

As a result, I think the plan should be to get to 2200 in 3's and use the points to buy good ele/resto gear then work on getting the 5's achievements next, saving 2 for the last one. Why in this order? Because a high 2's rating doesn't help with the purchase of weapons whereas 5's does, so I can use the points from 3's to get good 5's gear, then the points from 5's to get good 2's gear. Additionally, I can use my high 3's rating to attract a good 5's team who really know what they are doing.

To get 2200 in 3's as enhance, I'll need a good set of enhance gear and two partners (probably a holy(?) paladin and a hunter) that really know how to play.

To get the gear, I'll need to work hard on getting a lot of honor in the BG's while I work on the BG achievements.

Excellent Enhancement Shaman guide for PVP:

Feast of Winter Veil coming up.

The Feast starts on the 15th. I decided to take a look at the current achievements for this set of quests in order to get a head start (I plan on being online at 6am to complete some right away, especially the ones that are heavily camped).

Here is a list of all feast achievements:

They all look do-able (and many seem like a lot of fun, such as the pelting of opposing faction leaders) except one: fa-la-la-la-ogri-la

To do this, I need to do the Bombing Run daily. The only trouble is, I don't have it yet. This means I need to do the Ogrila quest chain (which needs 5 people) before I can start bombing.

I hope it doesn't need a specific rep to start, or I'm in trouble.

I'll get to this tonight, as well as getting to the other Skyguard dailies. The sooner I do them, the faster I'll get Exalted with these two factions. I foresee needing the help of four guildies to get started since the quest explicitly needs 5 people. The good news is that each run of this Daily gives me 500 Ogrila and 500 Skyguard rep. Nice!

Working on Argent Tournament

I finally got my 25 Valiant badges and officially became a Champion of Orgrimmar. This also gave me the Exalted Champion of Orgrimmar and access to the champion quests and daily quests.

I finished off the Black Knight questline next for It's Just a Flesh Wound

I've been cranking out the rest of the dailies here. Opening up champion more than doubled the number of available dailies that I can do, which is good since I need to get "Champion of..." four more times (5 days each = 20 days) plus get enough tokens (150) for the pony mount for my argent squire. (Pony Up!)

I'd like to be done with the whole tournament in a month or so since I still have a huge number of other dailies that I need to work on.

Speaking of dailies, I picked up 200 Daily Quests Complete last night, as well as the Gurubashi Arena Master with the help of a couple of friends.

The arena grand master is going to be interesting - I need to do the STV arena 13 times. Given that it's always contested on my server, I'll need to start practicing my PVP skills (or my "log on at 3am" skills).

Final achievement before going to work: Ultiate Triage. Very easy.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fishing and questing

I picked up Might of Dragonblight (all quests in Dragonblight) quickly after I realized I only had a couple left to do in this zone. Doing these quests gave me the "1500 quests complete" achievement and boosted my rep with the Argent Crusade.

I also fished for 10 minutes (One Aquadynamic fish attractor) in the dalaran fountain with the net result of a half dozen coins and the "500 Fish" achievement. And up to 225 Fishing skill.


I love NPCScan!

While doing the Argent Tournament dailies this morning in Howling Fjord, I decided to get the exploration credit at the same time. While working on this, my UI went nuts with a flashing red screen and a loud noise to indicate that I had found my first rare mob (King Ping) for Northern Exposure.

One down, 24 more hard to find mobs to go.

I also picked up all 100 quests in Storm Peaks today, the goal that I had set myself and I got Mine Sweeper ( as a nice little extra from questing.

My final is due soon so I plan on just doing a spot of fishing (I'd like to start the Shattrath daily fishing quests soon) in the dalaran fountain.

Tomorrow, I think I'll try to do all of the Borean Tundra quests, with the goal of achieving Loremaster in the 2 months deadline.

Day 3, and a bet

As you can see, some people seem to doubt the possibility of this task :)

Gyilkos was actually very supportive in the end and offered to help if he could. I fully intend to take him up on his offer.

I picked up a few more achievements yesterday, including My Sack is Gigantigue (a 1200g bag!) and a couple of the new Halls of Reflection ones.

From my discussions with others yesterday, this looks like an enormous task. I feel like I need to get a lot of the solo content finished as quickly as possible so I can focus on BG's and raids. As a result, I'm going to aim for getting Loremaster completed in the next 2 months. Clearly, that's a lot of quests, but I think it's viable.

My goal today is to complete every one of the Storm Peaks quests and get the achievement for doing so, as well as working on the dailies for the argent tournament and the Skyguard.

I have a finance final due today as well as needing to work tomorrow so hopefully I'll have enough time for everything.

Days to go: 363
Achievements: 286/1054 (3000 points)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mod Madness

So I was doing some digging around on a few sites and found out that in order to do the Chef achievements, you'll eventually need to get Kungaloosh, which is obtainable from a long-ish quest chain. (Loremaster again).

"Ackis Recipe List" is a truly excellent mod that tracks all of the cooking (and other) recipes that you are missing and helps you get them for the achievements by indicating where you can buy them, or which mob they are from, including co-ordinates.

Some guidance, some planning and a new mod

I spent some time digging around wowhead and I now have my priorities in order:

0. If a Holiday/ time-specific achievement is available, do it.
1. Do reputation dailies.
2. Do some fishing in the Dalaran fountain until I get bored. (goal is to start fishing dailies asap)
3. Do some cooking until I get bored. (ditto cooking dailies and all the recipie quests.)
4. If guildies are online and up for it, work on group quests and dungeon achievements.
5. If not, work on completing Loremaster, starting with the northrend quests.

Why loremaster?

a) Loremaster is needed for a crazy number of other achievements, including "Complete 3000 quests".
b) It also gives a huge amount of rep for the "40 Exalted reputations" meta achievement.
c) Exploration credits are easier to get if I'm doing something else at the same time.
d) Mounts become available from the rep for the "100 mounts" achievement.
e) Many quests give pets as a reward.
f) The gold from all the quests will help with all of the other achievements I want to complete. i.e. I'll need to buy a mechanochopper and an expensive bag and mammoth etc.
g) The reputation will help with The Keymaster.
h) There are lots of other quest-related achievements, such as doing all the nessingwary quests or DHETA's little PITA that will come as a consequence of doing loremaster.
j) Other stuff (see below)

The trick with completing every single achievement in the game is to focus on efficiency. Often there is a faster way to do a specific achievement but the goal should always be to complete all of them as quickly as possible.

Relatedly, I want to highlight this interview about achievements from the currently number 1 ranked player, Casperle:

Of particular note is this quote” the hardest achievement was "Frostbitten" where you have to kill all of these rare mobs in Northend.

My last rare to catch was King Krush in Sholazar Basin. I camped him more than 6 hours without a break, flying around and stuff. You know whats coming next... I took a break to pee and stuff but when I came back 5 minutes later, King Krush is in front of me... DEAD :D”

Since the idea of camping for 6 hours for each of the 25 mobs needed for the achievement doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, I started to investigate how to do it most efficiently.

It seems that many players use _NPCScan ( to find rare spawns as soon as they appear. This particular mod announces as soon as the mob appears in your cache.

Perhaps I’ll be able to use it to find the elusive Time Lost Drake for my mount achievement as well…

Day 2

I completed the Onyxia 25 man achievement last night, along with the new "Looking For More" achievement by having 10 random players join me for some dungeon looting.

The new random player mechanic is pretty good - so far I've never had a bad group.

I spent 30 minutes before work doing my dailies for the Argent Tournament. I noticed a whole stack of Tournament achievements that look very doable in the near future.

I started the long grind to 450 fishing by fishing in the Dalaran fountain for 10 minutes with an Aquadynamic Fish Attractor and 220 skill. I got a few coins for the Coin Master ( meta achievement and a few points of skill but it's clear it's goign to take a long time to hit 450.

I also started doing the Skyguard dailies in Skettis. I hadn't done any of these, so starting them at level 80 was kind of fun - much easier than at 70. Since I need 40 exalted reputations, I need to get started on as many as possible.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So far, so good.

I spent my first day trying to come up with a solid plan for improvement. As I browsed the achievements, I realized that the task is much bigger than I thought. I was going to start by knocking out all the fishing achievements, until I saw quite how many of them there are.

For someone who has always hated fishing, it's a scary sight. I need to get 450 fishing, obviously but more than that, I have to win at least one fishing competition and fish up a ridiculous number of items from various fountains and lakes in the game world.

I'd estimate that, purely from fishing alone, I have 40 hours of work ahead of me. The drop rate on items like the magical crawdad are minuscule. Clearly I need to try to combine fishing with other achievements like cooking and exploration if I am to make best use of my time.

Still, the day was pretty good. I knocked out 5 achievements: Shave and a Haircut, Black War Mammoth, Explore Westfall (I was trying to do Deadmines, both for the achievement, and for wool to turn in to the reputation vendors, but I ran out of time), Safe Deposit and 5 Exalted reputations.

The last one was a biggie - I got exalted with Sons of Hodir, starting with barely honored. The new 650 rep from 10 Relics of Ulduar helped a lot with this.

Other than this, I did 2 wintergrasps and 4 of the new random heroic dungeons, and I completed a number of quests including many dailies for the Argent Tournament.

As I start on my journey, I'm realizing how interconnected all of the achievements are: a great number of them can be completed at the same time as each other. For example, a dungeon achievement can also help a number of quest achievements, the "read various books" achievement, reputation and explorations, amongst others.

I've decided (along with the dailies) that I want to focus on knocking out the higher level zones first in order to get a decent sense of accomplishment going early. I also need to get my fishing up to 450 as soon as I can since many of the exploration quests will take me to places that I need to fish. The same goes for cooking - I know there are lots of recipes in the world that will come to me while completing other quests and/or are only available when I'm at a certain level of cooking.

So, the plan:

Dailies first for rep, then work on cooking, fishing and first aid to 450. Once I get this, focus on doing the fishing and cooking dailies every day as well as the rep ones (apparently some recipes, like chocolate cake, can take almost a year to get randomly)

I plan to fish in a few key places: the Dalaran Fountain (for the various coins for The Coin Master) and wherever the Magical Crawdad Box is found. I'm going to load up on fish attractors before I begin since my skill is a meagre 220 :/

Cooking will have to come when I have time.

Getting set up

I turned on "Low Level Quest Tracking" in my minimap options - this seems very good for finding all the quests I missed before. My plan is to simply accept and complete as many quests as I can when I am not working on other things. Eventually I'll go back and be systematic about it but for now it's good to simply be aware of the fact that I need to complete these quests.

I also downloaded Lightheaded and Tomtom ( which are excellent mods that show you the location of every quest item.

I'm starting my daily quests by working on the Argent Tournament dailies since I know I need to gather tokens for many days to hit exalted. After this, I'm going to look at doing the longest dailies of the other factions (probably skyguard and ogres) to get started on the long road to exalted with all of these factions.

First thoughts on the scale of this task

One Thousand and Fifty-Four achievements doesn't sound like a lot when you look at the numbers. After all, it's just a video game. It should be fairly straightforward, right?


I have four main concerns about this undertaking:

1. Some achievements are time-specific, such as all of the Holiday achievements. If I miss even a single one, I miss my goal and can't complete it for another year.

2. I need to be excellent at PVP and PVE, and have a group that is likewise. Since I barely PVP at all (I haven't ever broken 1500 rating in arenas) and my current raiding guild hasn't killed Yogg yet, this could be something of a challenge. Still, how hard can it be, right? :)

3. There is just so MUCH content, it's crazy. All the "exalted" reputations, for example, will take weeks to grind on their own. Plus all of the low level quests I ignored on my rush to 80. Remember, this is a "new" character - I haven't done any of the old dungeons or raids. Since I work full time, have a family, and I'm doing an MBA in Finance most evenings, I don't have a lot of time to simply grind so I will need to be extremely efficient and plan ahead.

4. Planning is a big one. It looks like many of the achievements require things like rep with a faction that can harm the rep with a second faction. Fortunately "The Insane" ( is a Feat of Strength so I don't need to do it but I still need to be careful and come up with a good gameplan.

So, on to the plan. As I have limited time each week, my goal is to focus on completing a priority system of achievements and hopefully knock out many of the others while I am working on some of the bigger ones.

Priority 1 has to be the time-specific holiday quests, to eventually get "What a long Strange Trip it's Been..." ( I envision this will be one of the last achievements I get, since it takes a full year to achieve.

Priority 2 will be raid achievements. I only have 52 potential slots (once per week) at these and many attempts with my raiding guild will simply not be going for achievements. Thus, because of time constraints, I need to shoot for as many as possible when I can.

Priority 3 are achievements that require a lot of repeated daily quests, again for similar reasons - I don't want to run out of time.

Priority 4 will be completing regular quests. My hope is that by simply doing every quest in the world, I can get a lot of reputation and exploration credits at the same time, as well as other things like "total gold from quests". The reputation will help wih things like mounts and tabbards and pets as well. Completing these will also complete a lot of dungeons. The rep thing is particularly important since I have almost ZERO rep with 1-70 factions and very limited rep with 70-80 groups, again because this is a new character.

Priority 5 will be PVP. I'm going to make it a goal to work on battleground achievements for the first part of the challenge so that I can devote the second half to getting an extremely solid arena team going and crack the harder arena items.

Priority 6 will be old world dungeons that I didn't do as part of quests and basic tradeskills. There can really be done at any time, although fishing will take a long long time and probably deserves it's own priority. Of course, I lack 450 fishing and cooking so I'll need to work on those too.

I can't stress how little of the content I have completed on this character. I powerlevelled from 1-80 and skipped almost all of the quests. Most of my map is still blank, especially in the old world and I have exactly 4 exalted factions (all new ones). This is a huge undertaking, especially with an average of 90 minutes a day to play.

Since there is no Holiday quest going on (the first is the feast of winters veil) I am going to start work on some daily quests and also review most of the achievements to see which area I should start to focus on first.

Time to get started.

The goal: Complete every single WoW achievement before 11th December 2010

I've played World of Warcraft on and off since beta, although not always with the same account.

I came back to the game yesterday due to two things: the 3.3 patch with new content and reading the following news story:

In a quest to find out how difficult it actually is to achieve what this guy achieved, I've decided to complete every single achievement in the game (including all the new 3.3 achievements) in a year.

Why a year? Mostly it's because I've never done a single Holiday quest and so it will take a full year to complete everything. My goal is to find out just how difficult it is to beat the entire game.

I am a level 80 Orc Resto shaman. This character is relatively fresh, with less than 40 days /played in total and I have never seriously attempted to get any achievements. The Only ones that I currently have are some random ones that were picked up along the way.

Current achievements: 275/1054 (2890 points)

Current ranking: Unknown - I'm so far behind the leader that I am not listed on

Days to go: 365