Monday, December 28, 2009

Musings on Loremaster

Looking at the sheer scale of the task in front of me has made me realise that I need to accelerate my progress if I'm going to get done in time.

The PVP achievements look like they will be some of the hardest, especially the arena ones. The new season is starting in a couple of weeks and I'd like to get started right away.

Another concern is being able to find a group for all of the older achievements and instances - who really wants to do undying when new content is available and we all have enough triumph badges? Because of this, I'm becoming aware that I'll need to get runs going of Naxx and ulduar as quickly as possible to cash in on people that still need a few more badges.

As a result, I'm looking to finish Loremaster before the new arena season comes out, or by around the 20th of January, whichever is earlier so I can devote more time to PVP. I should be finished with Northrend in the next couple of days.

I think that I'll go right back to the old content and alternate between there and Outland to get all the requisite quests done in order to avoid boredom. One strategy that was strongly suggested to me when working on the old-world quests is to start at each of the starting areas and take the chains all the way thorugh to the final zones. The reason for this is clear: unlike Outland and Northrend, the quests are not nicely split up by zone in the old world and many of the quests span many zones and instances.

I have been focusing on Argent Tournament dailies (and cooking and fishing) over busing out every possible quest. The reason for this is that many of the old-world quests give recipies or take me to locations that I need to fish in. Also, having a portable mailbox/bank for my squire will be extremely useful when stuck in the middle of nowhere, questing.

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