Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not much time today: just did dailies (and got really lucky)

I picked up Tastes Like Chicken yesterday and then chased a Dranei priest all over Dalaran to complete Let It Snow.

I ground out Champion of the Sen'Ji at the argent tournament and I'm now working on Thunder Bluff. At this rate (5 days per faction) I have another 15 days of dailies to go before I'm done with all 5 factions. I'll still need to grind tokens however for my pont, pets and mounts.

Speaking of pets. I didn the Shattrath cooking and fishing dailies and got pretty lucky, nabbing Chuck's Bucket on my first Crocolisk's in the City completion.

I also picked up the Stormchops and Kiblers Bits recipes from bags, so I'm pretty happy with my RNG luck today.

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