Monday, April 9, 2018

Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare

Blizzard recently merged the 10-person and 25-person older raid achievements into a single achievement. This is good news for those of us who didn't want to do this achievement twice. Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare is one of those achievements that I've tried to do as part of regular Ulduar runs around twenty times without success. This time I was determined to finish the damn thing. All told, it takes about half an hour to do after zoning in to Ulduar. Flame Leviathan takes part of that time but most of the time is spent AFKing until 25 Guardians appear. This is the best strat to use at 110 that doesn't rely on timing things just right: 1. TAKE OFF YOUR WEAPON and anything else that may proc to kill mobs 2. Start the fight and allow all four harpoons to be built. 3. AFK for 10-15 minutes until at least 25 Guardians spawn. 4. Use all four harpoons to ground Razorscale. 5. PUNCH Razorscale below 50% health then immediately target yourself. 6. Wait another 10 minutes for Razorscale's breath to kill all the adds. 7. If you didn't get all 25, just reset and start again - the counter stays at the level it was before.
Two mounts :) Other stuff: I farmed 100 chocolates for the noblegarden pet (thanks to ALL THE THINGS addon for the reminder). I also completed some quests that I'd had lying around forever, picked up another 100 Darkmoon Faire tokens for the Dirigible and started working on both the "Kill 2000 non-trivial demons" achievement for the mount and the achievement to find all of the hidden chests around Argus. Planning: I have just over four months before the next expansion comes out. In that time I want to complete almost all of the solo and small group achievements that I have left, as well as any that will be especially difficult to complete once the xpac is over. (As an example: achievements that rely on having a large number of players in an area, like some of the world PVP achievements, are often very hard to complete later). I should also pick up some gold and sell off anything that I don't especially need. Specific plan: 1. I need to max out the professions on my alts. This means herbalism, mining, skinning and tailoring (which requires leveling my mage to 110). I've got a good route for the gathering professions that uses speed boosts, barding to prevent daze and the sky golem to allow harvesting herbs without dismounting. I know a druid would be best but, alas... 2. I'll run through all of the old quest areas in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. While going that, I'll use ALL THE THINGS to grab any items in the zone that I'm missing. This includes any exploration achievements nearby. 3. Grinding out Pandarian and Mogu archaeology until I have all achievements. Buying up keystones is likely a good idea here, even if they ARE a ton of gold. Actually, it may be wise to find a server where the keystones are especially cheap, buy a wow token worth of gold, then buy up all the keystones consistently before transferring. Once I have these achievements, I can switch to 100% mantid spawns, finish the mantid, then use the thousands of crated relics to help finish the others. 4. All the old soloable dungeon achievements. This includes the raids that grant x-mog gear needed for an achievement. 5. Fishing achievements, including the ones for the new fishing buddies. This is pretty important to do before the new xpac comes since they are best done in a raid group. 6. Pets. Weekly: 1. Taking advantage of whatever the weekly focus is (e.g. world quests, or timewalking) is important for efficiency. 2. I need to finish my rep grinds for a lot of the old-world raids like Molten Core and AQ20/AQ40. At a minimum, I need to remember to use the guild standard on MC bosses. There is likely a bunch of xmog gear to pick up for the achievements here as well. 3. I need to grind a few key raids on every alt I have to get achievement-based mounts. In particular, I need to do Onyxia on every alt, as well as Malygos in the Borean Tundra until I get both drakes from there. 4. I need to do the old garrison invasions weekly. There are achievements for this, plus four mounts. 5. I need to do the Legion archaeology quest every two weeks until I've done all of them. Daily stuff: 1. I'll do the daily WQ consistently - I need to do 10,000 of these fucking things and the most efficient way is to get the bonus rep for extra mounts. I get 150g and 100 order resources per world quest due to my triple legendary follower too. 2. I should be sending out my shipyard every day to get the achievement. Naval missions with the fishing equipment can apparently award the sea turtle mount too. 3. Blingtron 5000 on my alt until I get the last message for the achievement. Other: 1. I'm seriously considering dropping Jewelcrafting for Engineering. Having a whole bunch of teleports and other useful stuff sounds fantastic long-term. The main blocker is that I don't especially want to have to re-level both JC and Engineering and, more importantly, I like having a lot of the rare recipes from JC. Still, I think it's time to bite the bullet and get this done sooner rather than later, likely right after I get the "800 in all professions" achievement.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Remember to Share (300 Toys)!

This one has taken a while. I finally picked up 300 toys (and thus the mount for the achievement) after starting to seriously work on my Archaeology achievements for the first time. I've been doing the fortnightly Legion archaeology quests for a while (and thus had 800 skill) but I completely ignored this profession in earlier expansions as it seemed seriously boring. With some knowledge and a good addon, it's much better however. Some tips if you're just starting to work on archaeology: 1. Download the "Archy" addon. This addon does several things: first, it shows you the location and completion status of all digsites in the current continent. Second, it automatically sets the closes one as a waypoint for TomTom. Third, it indicates when it's possible to solve an artifact with and without a keystone, so you don't have to constantly check your archaeology screen. On top of that, the distance indicator shows when you are in the correct range from your last survey and it pops up a "toast" when you're on top of the artefact (this helps, even with the new screen). It looks like this:
2. Focus on Pandaren and Mogu artefacts (plus the fortnightly legion quest). There are a TON of Pandaria archaeology achievements, many of which are of the "Collect 20 Pandaren Tea Sets" variety. It's mostly RNG. By focusing on Mogu and Pandaren, you will build up a huge stack of crated artefacts that you can use to complete other races later. In addition, the dig sites are almost all very small and the mobs are low level, which makes surveying much faster. Note that you DON'T want to do mantid until the other two sites are done, since you can easily get 100% Mantid dig sites through the use of the Mantid resonator thing from the Lorewalkers. 3. Speaking of Lorewalkers, you should probably get a few of the teleoprt and dig site randomizer items. Use the teleport when archy says that the nearest digsite is over 5000 yards away and you can't teleport and use the randomizer once you only have mantid dig sites available. 4. Set your hearth to the Pandaren shrine and factor that in when planning digsites. 5. It's probably worth it to buy and use keystones whenever possible rather than only for rares. Each keystone saves you 12 fragments. This is roughly 1.5 surveys or a quarter of a digsite visit. Assuming it takes around two minutes to reach a Pandaria digsite on average, and three minutes while you are there to survey, a keystone saves 1/4 of five minutes, or one and a quarter minutes. Keystones for Pandaren and Mogu cost almost 1000g each right now however, so unless you're making 48,000g per hour from active work (or buying lots of WoW Tokens), it may not be worth it today. Finally, a quick update on my progress:

Friday, March 23, 2018

Goals and the tracking of them

Let's talk about goals. Obviously the overall goal is "get every achievement in the game" but that's so nebulous and far away that it provides little motivation. Roughly speaking, my primary goal before the next expansion is to complete essentially all of the solo content as well as most of the old raids and small group content. As a concrete goal, I want to get the "300 Mounts" achievement, since that one includes a lot of the other achievements of this type. "Part of "300 Mounts" involves collecting 300 toys. I'm getting close to finishing this one up: Just wanted to mention ALL THE THINGS - the best damn addon for collectors I've ever seen. It's fantastic. Here is a quick shot of it with the "Toy Box" section open: As you can see, ATT has information on essentially every item in the game that is collectible in some way. It also pops up zone-specific information, so as I fly from one area to the next, I can hone in on anything that I'm still missing. That was a major part of the reason that I *finally* managed to complete "What A Long Strange Interdimensional Trip It's Been..." and get the final rare spawns for my Pepe achievement.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Darkmoon Faire and 300 Toys

My current "meta goal" is to get 300 mounts. This includes getting essentially all of the achievements that include a mount (since I'll need to get those eventually anyway). One of these sub-achievements is to collect 300 toys, which again means that I need to get every achievement that awards a toy for similar reasons to the above. It just so happens that a bunch of professions have a whole crapton of toys that can be created that are Bind On Pickup. Since there is an achievement to obtain 800 skill in every single profession, this implies that I'd need a much of alts to get all of the professions. There is another achievement for hitting 110 on five different characters and, well, hopefully you see how a simple-seeming achievement like "obtain 300 mounts" can cascade into a mess of sub-achievements. Anyway, the upshot of all of this is that I have been grinding alts to 110 in order to max out their professions (a lot of the profession quests require level 110). I've been trying to get these complete while DMF was on because Darkmoon Faire offers a quest that grants +5 to each profession each time the faire is up. This is the cheapest and easiest way to go from 795 to 800 skill. To make a long story short, I hit 110 with a rogue alt, 107 with a Demon hunter and I have a mage and hunter at the point where they have their artifact weapons. The Mage is alliance and the hunter was chosen because aspect of the cheetah makes a number of achievements (like the "whack a mole" one at DMF) much easier. Anyway, it turns out that I miscalculated the end date of DMF and now have a bunch of professions at 795 skill :( I also worked on a bunch of the other DMF achievements, many of which award toys. The "racer" ones in particular are worth a ton of points and all seem to award something unique. I finished two of the four "11 toll" racer achievements, as well as the skybirds challenge and some others. screenshots to follow.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

And starting again :)

Despite the fact that my previous post was four years ago, I still think this thing is doable. I've spent the last few weeks playing around two hours a day and slowly picking up a whole bunch of the easier stuff that I'd missed in the past. Given the way the wow expansions work, my plan has always been: 0. Priority zero is to grab any achievement (or part thereof) that is time-limited and will likely never re-occur. 1. Complete almost all of the soloable/small group content that I possibly can, including almost all of the old raid achievements. 2. When the new xpac hits (8.0), try to get every PVP achievement finished fairly early (season one or two) 3. Complete the solo/ small group content when not doing PVP. 4. Finally, at the very end of the xpac, right before 9.0, finish the very hardest Mythic raid achievements. It's worth noting that I consider anything in-game to be valid. I have no problem paying gold for power-levelling or quick runs or even specific help (hiring someone to play 2v2 arena with me). I DO draw the line at using external cash for bribes or buying gold from farmers or anything like that. That being said, there are some things (like mounts and pets) that are only obtainable through the in-game shop. I think buying these things if they are on sale is okay, and so would a (very) occasional purchase of a wow token. I've decided that no more than $25/month (other than my main subscription) should be spent in the Blizzard store. This means that I can do occasional things like buy a second account for a month or two to get a Recruit a Friend mount or whatever if I think I need to, without making the whole thing trivial (buying $1000 worth of gold and having someone else farm everything for me). Anyway, given this rough plan, I needed a sub-goal to keep me focused. I decided to go for the "300 Mounts" achievement and plan on getting there in the next 30 days. Since starting, I've gone from roughly 120/300 to 226/300. All of the "easy" mounts have been picked up and it's now slower and slower to get everything. I made heavy use of the list here: Right now, there are 410 possible mounts. The guide recommends getting an alliance paladin, but I already have the horde Dreadwheel, so I can skip that and stay horde. Apparently Paladins get six more mounts than any other class. Since I need to get five different classes to 110 anyway, I'll level a Paladin as one of the six. Anyway, since my goal is every achievement, after going through all of the "free" mounts (i.e. ones that can be bought from vendors), I made a list of every mount that came from an achievement or as the side effect for an achievement. For example, if "get exalted with faction X" is an achievement and this unlocks a mount, I'm going to have to do this task anyway. The same thing applies to directly-awarded mounts (say, from "Glory of the Ulduar Raider") as well as from indirectly-awarded mounts (say, from "Gonna need a bigger bag..." which requires a mount as one of the items). One of the achievements that awards a mount is "Collect 300 Toys" and that's what I've been busy with this last week. This has a cascading effect where now I realize that to minimize the amount of time I spend collecting toys, I need to work out every possible toy that is rewarded from an achievement. All of this leads to: Winter Fucking Veil. It turns out that one of the toys that I don't have (the Flamer), only has a 1% drop rate from the daily quest on Winter Veil. This is especially annoying since I know I had a valid subscription at the time this toy was released and so I should already have it. Anyway, I've been running the same 15-minute daily quest on a bunch of alts every single day without luck so far. Speaking of alts - why did I never think to get my alts doing Timewalking dungeons earlier? I could have picked up an enormous number of smaller toys and even a couple of mounts from all the badges... Next up: A post with pictures to break up all the text! And some information on the best damn addon ever made - "All The Things!"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Starting again

I've decided to give the "get all achievements" thing another shot. I sat down and made a list of the most difficult wow achievements (in terms of time). Some are "difficult" because they take 30+ weeks to complete (like conquest points) and others are difficult because even through they are theoretically uncapped, the amount of time required is ridiculous. In no particular order, the "big" achievements that take months: 1. Quintissential Quintet (5 level 90's) (1 on alliance side - need all the levelling help I can get - DK + RAF + all heirloom gear + rested XP + monk). 2. We're going to need more saddles (150 mounts) 3. 100,000 Daily quests complete (Account wide) 4. Bloody Rare, Frosbitten, Glorious - just because of sheer number of rares needed 5. 250,000 Honerable kills (account wide) 6. 50,000 Conquest points (single character - need to do BG's to hit cap for around 30 weeks) 7. The rated BG + Arena ones (e.g. 2400 points and gladiator - do this in a single push) 8. 50,000 Valor on one character and 100,000 between characters - need to cap valor for over 30 weeks. Don't forget the 6000 valor for Wrathion. 9. Get all professions to 600 (Need 6 characters to manage this) 10. 60 Exalted Reputations on one character (Need to remember to get all sub-reputations as well like Hydraxian Waterlord which takes 24 weeks. Don't forget to use rep-boosts) 11. Collect 400 Unique pets/ World Safari (catch every single pet, including ones that only show up during winter/summer etc.) 12. Win 5000 pet battles and (much harder) 5000 PVP pet battles Since there is an achievement for getting to 600 in every single profession, I plan on carefully distributing my professions among Quintissential Quintet characters so that I've got at least 10 of them covered. My basic goal right now (since I've barely played in MOP) is to get a set of good damage-dealing gear from PVP. The reason for starting with this is that trying to quest without good gear takes so much longer than simply picking up the gear. The other part of my strategy is to use gold to save time wherever possible. Making gold in WoW is very easy, especially with multiple level-600 professions and so it's much more efficient to, say, pay 9000g for a Hozen Peace Pipe (+1000 to many reputations) than it is to do daily quests for all those reps. Spending 10 minutes per day on gold generation can net at least 1500g per day, even if I only focus on selling enchanting scrolls and gems from JC. Current plan: 1. Get a set of good, epic, PVP gear to do quests and to have a decent ilevel to let me into the higher level Looking for Raid dungeons. 2. (Every Week) Get the weekly conquest cap through random BG's. 3. (Every Week) Get the weekly Valor cap. Focus on buying PVE resto gear (since that's the fastest spec to get into random dungeon queues). 4. (Every Week) Buy and use a Hozen Peace Pipe. (And get all rep-boosting BOA items wherever possible) 5. (Daily) Do 1 random Dungeon, 1 random Scenario and two farm quests (for rep purposes) With any spare time, I'm going to focus on getting another character to level 90. I already have a Shaman and a level 40 alliance druid. For the others, I plan on making a Monk (since Monks get +50% EXP for 1 hour daily), a Death Knight (Since I can start at level 55) and a mage (Hunter is probably faster to level but a Mage is more fun to me). I plan on starting with a Pandaren (for the double rested) Monk (For the 50% bonus experience) and get that to 90. I'll need a full set of heirloom gear (I think most gear stops working at level 80 however, except head and cloak). I'll post my gear tomorrow.

Sunday, January 8, 2012