Monday, March 29, 2010

Sporeggar and BC heroics

Lots done this weekend.

I picked up a stack of BC heroics this weekend which led to a lot of rep for most of the BC factions and, of course, many achievements.

I'm currently grinding Sporeggar rep through a combination of sangine hibiscus turnins and "Now that we're still friends..." repeatable quests.

It's 750 rep per turnin of either of these and I'm at around 7000/21000 into revered (I was friendly at the start of the weekend). I expect to be done tomorrow. Gringing heroic underbog is the most efficient way to get rep, since this also gives Cenarion Expedition rep which I need as well.

The rewards of a tabard and a pet will both help with other achievements, and the rep is needed for three reputation-related achievements as well.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nearly there with pets.

I picked up 40-something pets today. I have 8 to go for the achievement. I could just buy them from the AH at a total cost of about 2000g but I'm aware that I get several from other achievements anyway so that seems wasteful.

The 8 that I plan to get are:

43. Nether Ray Fry (Skyguard exalted)
44. Tiny Sporebat (Sporeggar exalted)
45. Nurtured Penguin Egg (The Kalu'ak exalted)
51. Kirin Tor Familiar (Higher Learning)
64. Magical Crawdad Box (Fishing, Mr. Pinchy - going to take a while :/)
30. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (buy from an engineer - Engineering 250)
31. Lifelike Mechanical Toad (buy from an engineer - Engineering 265)

And then any one of the following:
63. Mojo (Zul'Aman, Amani Hex Stick) (Technically not an achievement, but I'll be in there a bunch anyway to get rep.)
69. Phoenix Hatchling (Magisters' Terrace, 1 in 16 off Kael'thas) (ditto)
66. Sprite Darter Egg (Feralas, grind mobs for 30 minutes)
67. Cat Carrier (Black Tabby) (Silverpine Forest, Horde only)
or another purchased one.

The good thing to note is that I won't need to spend any Argent Tournament tokens on pets - I can use them all on mounts.

Lil' Game hunter

I'm going to work on "Lil' Game Hunter" this weekend. I decided to

compile a list of all the pets that can be obtained and restrict it to

the 75 easiest. I'll update this post with a (*) next to each I get.

My plan is to buy all of the vendor ones first, then pick up the cheap

(<500g) ones from the AH, then get the easy-to-quest ones and then

grind for the rest.

I compiled this list from data from

Easiest 75 pets to get for Lil' Game Hunter Achievement:

Vendor Items (Both Factions):

1. Ghostly Skull (Dalaran)
2. Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling (Netherstorm)
3. Brown Rabbit Crate (Netherstorm)
4. Cat Carrier (Siamese) (Netherstorm)
5. Mana Wyrmling (Netherstorm)
6. Red Moth Egg (Netherstorm)
7. Cokroach (Netherstorm)
8. Crimson Snake (Netherstorm)
9. Parrot Cage (Cokatiel) (Stranglethorn Vale)
10. Parrot Cage (Senegal) (Stranglethorn Vale)
11. Ancona Chicken (Thousand Needles)
(I think there were new vendor items in 3.3.3 - I'll check)

Vendor Items (Alliance): (I am going to get a friend to help with


12. Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe) (Dun Morogh)
13. Cat Carrier (Bombay) (Elwynn Forest)
14. Cat Carrier (Cornish Rex) (Elwynn Forest)
15. Cat Carrier (Orange Tabby) (Elwynn Forest)
16. Cat Carrier (Silver Tabby) (Elwynn Forest)
17. Cat Carrier (White Kitten) (Stormwind City, Rare Vendor)
18. Great Horned Owl (Teldrassil)
19. Hawk Owl (Teldrassil)
20. Blue Moth Egg (The Exodar)
21. White Moth Egg (The Exodar)
22. Yellow Moth Egg (The Exodar)

Vendor Items (Horde):

23. Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling (Eversong Woods)
24. Red Dragonhawk Hatchling (Eversong Woods)
25. Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling (Eversong Woods)
26. Black Kingsnake (Orgrimmar)
27. Brown Snake (Orgrimmar)
28. Prairie Dog Whistle (Thunder Bluff )


29. Mechanical Squirrel Box (Engineering 75)
30. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (Engineering 250)
31. Lifelike Mechanical Toad (Engineering 265)
32. Lil' Smoky (Gnomish Engineering 205, NO LONGER BoP!)
33. Pet Bombling (Goblin Engineering 205, NO LONGER BoP!)

Normal Quest Reward Items:

34. Chicken Egg (Westfall, or Brill)
35. Mechanical Chicken (Stranglethorn Vale)
36. Miniwing (Terokkar Forest)
37. Smolderweb Carrier (Blackrock Spire)
38. Worg Carrier (Blackrock Spire)

Fishing Daily Quest Reward Items (Terokkar Forest):

39. Chuck's Bucket
40. Muckbreath's Bucket
41. Snarly's Bucket
42. Toothy's Bucket
(Northrend fishing quest one also?)

Reputation Rewards: (I need to get this rep anyway for other


43. Nether Ray Fry (Skyguard)
44. Tiny Sporebat (Sporeggar)
45. Nurtured Penguin Egg (The Kalu'ak) (NEW!)
46. Cobra Hatchling (The Oracles) (NEW!)
47. Proto-Drake Whelp (The Oracles) (NEW!)
48. Tickbird Hatchling (The Oracles) (NEW!)
49. White Tickbird Hatchling (The Oracles) (NEW!)

Achievement Rewards:

50. Reeking Pet Carrier (Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart) (NEW!)
51. Kirin Tor Familiar (Higher Learning) (NEW!)

Argent Tournament (purchaseable from the AH for about 400g each):

52. Argent Gruntling (Horde)
53. Sen'Jin Fetish (Darkspear Trolls)
54. Durotar Scorpion (Orgrimmar)
55. Mulgore Hatchling (Thunderbluff)
56. Tirisfal Batling (Undercity)
57. Magic Broom (Silvermoon)
58. Dun Morogh Cub (Ironforge)
59. Mechanopeep (Gnomeregan Exiles)
60. Teldrassil Sproutling (Darnassus)
61. Elwynn Lamb (Stormwind)
62. Amen Vale Lashling (Exodar)

Special kind of Drops: (I need the achievement for these anyway)

63. Mojo (Zul'Aman, Amani Hex Stick)
64. Magical Crawdad Box (Fishing, Mr. Pinchy)
65. Giant Sewer Rat (Fishing, Dalaran's Underbelly)

Easier to get drops:

66. Sprite Darter Egg (Feralas, grind dragons if horde)
67. Cat Carrier (Black Tabby) (Silverpine Forest, Horde only)
68. Green Wing Macaw (Deadmines, 1 in 50, I need achievement anyway)
69. Phoenix Hatchling (Magisters' Terrace, 1 in 16 off Kael'thas)
70. Mojo (Zul'Aman, 1 in 50 drop from unhexed Forest Frogs)

World Event Items (I need the achievement for most of these anyway)

71. Wolpertinger's Tankard(Brewfest)
72. Egbert's Egg (Children's Week)
73. Elekk Training Collar(Children's Week)
74. Piglet's Collar (Children's Week)
75. Rat Cage (Children's Week)
76. Sleepy Willy (Children's Week)
77. Turtle Box (Children's Week)
78. A Jubling's Tiny Home (Darkmoon Faire)
79. Tree Frog Box (Darkmoon Faire)
80. Wood Frog Box(Darkmoon Faire)
81. Sinister Squashling (Hallow's End)
82. Truesilver Shafted Arrow (Love is in the Air)
83. Scorched Stone (Midsummer Fire Festival)
84. Captured Flame (Midsummer Fire Festival)
85. Green Helper Box (Winter Veil)
86. Jingling Bell (Winter Veil)
87. Red Helper Box (Winter Veil)
88. Snowman Kit (Winter Veil)
89. The ooze from the Love Is in the Air event.

Ones that I already have that are not listed above:

90. Vampiric Batling (Scourge Invasion 2008)
91. Baby Blizzard Bear (WoW 4th anniversary November 2008)
92. The mini-onyxia one.

From, other possible drops:

Emerald Whelpling (Swamp of Sorrows, 1 in 1,000)
Dark Whelpling (Badlands/Dustwallow Marsh, 1 in 1,000)
Azure Whelpling (Azshara, 1 in 1,000)
Crimson Whelpling (Wetlands, 1 in 1,000)
Disgusting Oozeling (various oozes around the world, 1 in 2,000 drop

Firefly (Zangarmarsh, 1 in 1,500)
Hyacinth Macaw (Stranglethorn Vale, 1 in 5,000 drop from pirates)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Redmist - Enhance Shaman PVP Videos

I'm going to post some enhance shaman PVP videos later but first I wanted to point out Redmist's blog here:

This is a guide to his (old) UI.

It looks interesting. I know that I got a lot of tips on UI design from his videos and I plan on reading his blog in more detail for further hints.

On PVP and server restarts

I finally got a Beast Mastery hunter for 3v3 as Beastcleave (Enhance Shaman, Holy Paladin, BM Hunter).

It's working out very well, despite a couple of losses at the beginning since we were all new to each other. We got 1150 in our first session together and it really feels like we can hit 2k or higher with this comp.

I got my "300 wins" achievement (and tabard for "25 Tabards") on our last game of the night.

This morning I woke up to find that my plans to PVP were going to be thwarted by rolling server restarts. I had to cancel my first (random) queue and, once the server was up again, my second queue was a hillarious mix of disconnects. Nothing like being 400 ahead in AB and then seeing 10 (out of 15) people all get disconnected at once... (we won anyway).

One great thing I discovered about server restarts is that it resets ALL of the books for "Higher Learning" in Dalaran. I only found one that I didn't need, but it's something to remember the next time the resets come around.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nagrand Slam

I think I'll be done with blades edge on Tuesday, leaving SMV and Netherstorm to finish. That's 200 quests though :(

PVP is going as well as can be expected. We are barely breaking even in our 2's at 1150. I'm not really sure what the problem is but I think it's down to us focusing too much on burst over control.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not much to post. (PVP mostly)

Not much to update. I have been working on real-life for the past week, with finals and other things coming up.

I've been doing quite a lot of PVP and arena when I get some time in and I should hopefully have a solid set of enhance PVP gear completed this weekend. I still don't have a beastcleave for 3's but I may wind up ebing able to run enhance/rogue/disc priest which apparently isn't terrible.

I'm fairly torn about whether or not to use toughness in my enahnce spec. It looks like the top shamans have it, but each of their specs is very different from each other: some have reverberation (5 second shocks and wind shear instead of 6 seconds) and others have 3/3 dual weild and other things. I've also seen black magic on the offhand which is interesting.

5/5 Toughness would give me 28.5k health and a 30% movement penalty reduction. I'd lose some white damage and a bit of mana efficiency. I'm wondering how useful the penalty reduction really is, with wolf sprint, earthbind totem and ghostwolf.

Additionally, I spent a lot of time working onsetting up my UI and macros. I'll post a complete guide this weekend.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loremaster of Outland and some PVP

I'm working on Outland this week.

I have a lot of almost-finished zones and eleven unfinished heroic dungeons (plus their regular counterparts)! I think I'll get everything except for Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley finished by the weekend.

I'd like to have SMV finished by Sunday and all of Outlands Loremaster finished by around March 19th.

I still need to do all the raid bosses (I've done them many times, but never on this character) but I'll wait until I have all the quests befiore starting on these. (Especially the long quest chain for Black Temple attunement).

In other news, PVP is going well. The ridiculous rep grinds for AB and WSG don't actually look THAT bad - they are about 50 hours each assuming 50/50 wins and losses and 15 minute games.

My 2's team is doing well and I hope to get the 1550 achievement this week, or next at the latest. I am finally starting to understand how to play against different classes and who to burst first in each comp.

We have been playing against a LOT of Rogue/Priest and have only lost once in about 25 matchups. Typically, we'll blow up the priest in (literally) 3 seconds untill the opposing rogue gets a fast sap off or the priest can play well.

More to come!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Working on Loremaster of Outland

After finishing Eastern Kingdoms, I wanted something easier before I started working on Kalimdor. As a result, I'm doing the outlands quests.

I finished Zangamarsh yesterday and I hope to finish Hellfire Peninsula today. I have about 100 quests for each of Area 52 and Shadowmoon Valley but the other zones are all roughly 50% complete.

I'd like to do all the heroics at the same time since I am missing a LOT of these.

Other notes: I played 60 games of 2v2 and 12 games of 3v3. My 2's team is really starting to click - I'm paired with a combat rogue and we often destroy people in seconds. Our favourite team to play against is rogue+priest, which is both common and powerful. Killing Spree, Blade Flurry, Bloodlust, Wolves, Stormstrike, Frost Shock and totems all landing within 1.5 seconds on the (purged) priest is absurdly good.

I also did a full ZG clear, with my friends passing all the coins and bijous to me for rep. It looks like ZG will be fairly simple to hit exalted with. The only hard boss was hakkar, and that was solely because of his mind control ability.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Loremaster, oh how did I underestimate thee!

Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms is taking a long time due to the large amount of travel involved, however I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have 120 quests to go as of 1st March 2010 and accoprding to Everyquest, I have more than 30 quests still to do in the Hinterlands, WPL and EPL and more than 15 left in STV. Add in some dungeon quests and I should be able to finally finish up everything without too much travel within a few days. Happily, these quests are all nicely clumped together for the most part.

So, my new plan:

Hinterlands tonight.
WPL by Wednesday.
EPL by Friday.
Loremaster of EK by Saturday night. Including all exploration and dungeons.

Then Kalimdor, then all the outlands ones.

To keep myself on track, I added a counter to the top left of the screen. You should see it there now.


This is a little over 40 weeks.

Conservatively, I have about 10 hours a week to spend on this challenge, with another 8-10 available for raiding. This means I only have 400 hours to complete everything. My biggest worry is that this simply won't leave enough time for WSG and AB rep grinding. I'll probably have to semi-afk play these battlegrounds when taking the train to work and back. You know, just basecamp/ guard the farm or run with the zerg since my connection will suck otherwise.