Friday, March 26, 2010

On PVP and server restarts

I finally got a Beast Mastery hunter for 3v3 as Beastcleave (Enhance Shaman, Holy Paladin, BM Hunter).

It's working out very well, despite a couple of losses at the beginning since we were all new to each other. We got 1150 in our first session together and it really feels like we can hit 2k or higher with this comp.

I got my "300 wins" achievement (and tabard for "25 Tabards") on our last game of the night.

This morning I woke up to find that my plans to PVP were going to be thwarted by rolling server restarts. I had to cancel my first (random) queue and, once the server was up again, my second queue was a hillarious mix of disconnects. Nothing like being 400 ahead in AB and then seeing 10 (out of 15) people all get disconnected at once... (we won anyway).

One great thing I discovered about server restarts is that it resets ALL of the books for "Higher Learning" in Dalaran. I only found one that I didn't need, but it's something to remember the next time the resets come around.

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