Sunday, February 28, 2010


Got it, finally.

I had to solo Nexus on normal mode for my last one. Thanks to all the guildies who helped me run the last couple of dungeons!

A very late post: 5000 points

I broke the 5000 barrier a week ago and failed to post.

It's all going well - I'll be finished with my last elder today for the title and I am slowly grinding my way through Loremaster.

It's amazing how long the old world quests take to complete. They take you all over the place and through some very long Dungeons.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Molten Core, More PVP and Elders

I finally ran through Molten Core. It was a fun, enjoyable hour with 4 people, all guildmates. It's certainly doable with less but 2-manning it would be a chore and soloing it would be decidedly not fun. I also picked up the attunement so that I can avoid having to run through BRD to enter the zone.

I played about 50 arena games in my 2's team, hitting around 1000 points. We were doing badly on Saturday morning and lost almost every game. Sunday morning was much better - we finally learned to play together. I'm playing enhancement with a rogue partner and it's a very burst-oriented team. We started doing much better when we timed things so that the rogues initial assault went off at exactly the same time as my own. Priests, warlocks and (mostly) mages go down extremely quickly to this team and there is little we really fear, with the exception of ridiculous comps like prot paladin + resto druid.

I'm really starting to appreciate what other classes can do against us (I learned about the shadow priest temporary immunity today, for example :) and when it's best to switch versus stay on one target.

I hope that our 3's team managers to get some games in tomorrow. We'll see.

On the achievements front, I have most finished collecting Elders - I hope to be completely done by tomorrow morning. Then it's back to Loremaster as quickly as possible. Loremaster is one of those achievements that you really need a solid hour or teo to really go after it because there is so much initial travellign and setup involed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Elders and PVP

I finished up the Elders of Kalimdor this morning. This achievement (and, indeed, all the Elders ones) involve a LOT of travelling. The guide I posted a few days ago was extremely helpful.

I picked up the Mauradon at the same time, and I'm taking pains to get the exploration credits if I visit areas I'm unlikely to come back to soon (especially Alliance-only zones.)

I've kept my focus on PVP and I should be picking up the last bit of gear I need tomorrow (relentless legs for honor and arena points).

I found a solid 3's team that should fit my enhance spec (Holy Paladin and Arms Warrior) and I plan to do both 2's and 3's this weekend for a few hours.

When doing my PVP daily this morning (Arathi Basin) we won 1600-0 in a few minutes, so I got my achievement for that as well.

It's also Warsong Gulch weekend, so I need to get in at least 4-5 hours of premade goodness to help increase my rep. Finding a good premade is going to be paramount - pugging WSG is a horrible experience. I'm going to go for some of the harder achievements in this battleground over the weekend, including the one for capping in under 75 seconds. I have a swiftness potion all ready for this, and ghostwolf, obviously.

While not PVPing, I'll be doing the elder achievements in the Eastern Kingdoms and trying for Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms at the same time. It seems like I'm working on a lot of things at the same time, but that's okay. My priorities are as follows for the next couple of days:

1. Daily PVP
2. Daily Dungeon
3. Daily Cooking
4. 10 or 25 Vault if it's up
5. Wintergrasp if it's up
6. Loremaster of Eastern Kingdons
7. Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms
8. 2'3 and 3's arena
9. WSG premade or pug.

I also have raids coming up both tonight and on Sunday. Ouch. Busy weekend.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alterac All Star

I picked up the fairly difficult Alterac All Star as well today. I got it with a couple of friends while on vent.

AV is all about rushing now, so much that it's a much more difficult achievement than it used to be, since the games are over so quickly.

We started by killing someone in the field of strife, then capped the uncapped graveyard in the middle left of the map. We managed to defend a tower and assault another near the middle of the map but by this point, we were out of graveyards to defend.

In the dying seconds of the game we managed to convince fellow horde to let a graveyard we controlled get attacked by a lone rogue (we all had to run away from it to make it look open) and I got the recap.

My plan is to finish the Lunar Festival over the next couple of days and pick up some of the explorer and dungeon achievements at the same time. Then, while continuing to PVP in BG's and Arena (a big time suck) I'll hopefully get time to finish Loremaster once and for all.

Love is over

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PVP and Love is in the Air!

I've mostly been working on school stuff this week and haven't had much time.

I built and enchanted a full set of enhance PVP gear from a couple of hundred badges and 100,000 honor. I also completely reworked my UI to make it better for arena play. I'll post screenshots soon.

I've done almost all of the Love is in the Air achievements and hope to finish them up tonight.

Lunar festival is coming up soon. I am going to use this to complete several old-world dungeons and quests for Loremaster since the Elder's are inside the dungeons.

Here is a truly excellent guide on how to accomplish all this as quickly as possible:

(Horde only, but alliance is similar)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Loremaster going slowly.

I haven't had much time to play recently.

I got Loremaster of Northrend a week ago and I've been working on Loremaster of eastern Kingdoms. I have completely finished the blood elf and undead areas and I'm working on Tarren Mill now, something I skipped on this particular play through.

The new arena season is starting up today, which means a new Vault boss and associated loot. It also means that I need to form my teams and generally get geared up.

For 2's, I'm going to be playing enhance+rogue. For 3's, I want to play beastcleave (BM hunter/ Holy Paladin/ Enhance Shaman).

Elemental is interesting to me now that it got buffed in this patch, but it's likely I'll wait until next season to play it in 5's.

I have a couple of hundred triumph badges, 75K honor and a lot of other things saved up. Today I need to tweak my spec, play a few BG's to get used to everything, fix my UI for arena play and start to do more BG's and duels for practice. My goal is 2200 in either 2's or 3's for this season and gladiator next season.