Sunday, February 21, 2010

Molten Core, More PVP and Elders

I finally ran through Molten Core. It was a fun, enjoyable hour with 4 people, all guildmates. It's certainly doable with less but 2-manning it would be a chore and soloing it would be decidedly not fun. I also picked up the attunement so that I can avoid having to run through BRD to enter the zone.

I played about 50 arena games in my 2's team, hitting around 1000 points. We were doing badly on Saturday morning and lost almost every game. Sunday morning was much better - we finally learned to play together. I'm playing enhancement with a rogue partner and it's a very burst-oriented team. We started doing much better when we timed things so that the rogues initial assault went off at exactly the same time as my own. Priests, warlocks and (mostly) mages go down extremely quickly to this team and there is little we really fear, with the exception of ridiculous comps like prot paladin + resto druid.

I'm really starting to appreciate what other classes can do against us (I learned about the shadow priest temporary immunity today, for example :) and when it's best to switch versus stay on one target.

I hope that our 3's team managers to get some games in tomorrow. We'll see.

On the achievements front, I have most finished collecting Elders - I hope to be completely done by tomorrow morning. Then it's back to Loremaster as quickly as possible. Loremaster is one of those achievements that you really need a solid hour or teo to really go after it because there is so much initial travellign and setup involed.

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