Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Loremaster going slowly.

I haven't had much time to play recently.

I got Loremaster of Northrend a week ago and I've been working on Loremaster of eastern Kingdoms. I have completely finished the blood elf and undead areas and I'm working on Tarren Mill now, something I skipped on this particular play through.

The new arena season is starting up today, which means a new Vault boss and associated loot. It also means that I need to form my teams and generally get geared up.

For 2's, I'm going to be playing enhance+rogue. For 3's, I want to play beastcleave (BM hunter/ Holy Paladin/ Enhance Shaman).

Elemental is interesting to me now that it got buffed in this patch, but it's likely I'll wait until next season to play it in 5's.

I have a couple of hundred triumph badges, 75K honor and a lot of other things saved up. Today I need to tweak my spec, play a few BG's to get used to everything, fix my UI for arena play and start to do more BG's and duels for practice. My goal is 2200 in either 2's or 3's for this season and gladiator next season.

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