Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alterac All Star

I picked up the fairly difficult Alterac All Star as well today. I got it with a couple of friends while on vent.

AV is all about rushing now, so much that it's a much more difficult achievement than it used to be, since the games are over so quickly.

We started by killing someone in the field of strife, then capped the uncapped graveyard in the middle left of the map. We managed to defend a tower and assault another near the middle of the map but by this point, we were out of graveyards to defend.

In the dying seconds of the game we managed to convince fellow horde to let a graveyard we controlled get attacked by a lone rogue (we all had to run away from it to make it look open) and I got the recap.

My plan is to finish the Lunar Festival over the next couple of days and pick up some of the explorer and dungeon achievements at the same time. Then, while continuing to PVP in BG's and Arena (a big time suck) I'll hopefully get time to finish Loremaster once and for all.

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