Friday, February 19, 2010

Elders and PVP

I finished up the Elders of Kalimdor this morning. This achievement (and, indeed, all the Elders ones) involve a LOT of travelling. The guide I posted a few days ago was extremely helpful.

I picked up the Mauradon at the same time, and I'm taking pains to get the exploration credits if I visit areas I'm unlikely to come back to soon (especially Alliance-only zones.)

I've kept my focus on PVP and I should be picking up the last bit of gear I need tomorrow (relentless legs for honor and arena points).

I found a solid 3's team that should fit my enhance spec (Holy Paladin and Arms Warrior) and I plan to do both 2's and 3's this weekend for a few hours.

When doing my PVP daily this morning (Arathi Basin) we won 1600-0 in a few minutes, so I got my achievement for that as well.

It's also Warsong Gulch weekend, so I need to get in at least 4-5 hours of premade goodness to help increase my rep. Finding a good premade is going to be paramount - pugging WSG is a horrible experience. I'm going to go for some of the harder achievements in this battleground over the weekend, including the one for capping in under 75 seconds. I have a swiftness potion all ready for this, and ghostwolf, obviously.

While not PVPing, I'll be doing the elder achievements in the Eastern Kingdoms and trying for Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms at the same time. It seems like I'm working on a lot of things at the same time, but that's okay. My priorities are as follows for the next couple of days:

1. Daily PVP
2. Daily Dungeon
3. Daily Cooking
4. 10 or 25 Vault if it's up
5. Wintergrasp if it's up
6. Loremaster of Eastern Kingdons
7. Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms
8. 2'3 and 3's arena
9. WSG premade or pug.

I also have raids coming up both tonight and on Sunday. Ouch. Busy weekend.

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