Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not much to post. (PVP mostly)

Not much to update. I have been working on real-life for the past week, with finals and other things coming up.

I've been doing quite a lot of PVP and arena when I get some time in and I should hopefully have a solid set of enhance PVP gear completed this weekend. I still don't have a beastcleave for 3's but I may wind up ebing able to run enhance/rogue/disc priest which apparently isn't terrible.

I'm fairly torn about whether or not to use toughness in my enahnce spec. It looks like the top shamans have it, but each of their specs is very different from each other: some have reverberation (5 second shocks and wind shear instead of 6 seconds) and others have 3/3 dual weild and other things. I've also seen black magic on the offhand which is interesting.

5/5 Toughness would give me 28.5k health and a 30% movement penalty reduction. I'd lose some white damage and a bit of mana efficiency. I'm wondering how useful the penalty reduction really is, with wolf sprint, earthbind totem and ghostwolf.

Additionally, I spent a lot of time working onsetting up my UI and macros. I'll post a complete guide this weekend.

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