Monday, March 29, 2010

Sporeggar and BC heroics

Lots done this weekend.

I picked up a stack of BC heroics this weekend which led to a lot of rep for most of the BC factions and, of course, many achievements.

I'm currently grinding Sporeggar rep through a combination of sangine hibiscus turnins and "Now that we're still friends..." repeatable quests.

It's 750 rep per turnin of either of these and I'm at around 7000/21000 into revered (I was friendly at the start of the weekend). I expect to be done tomorrow. Gringing heroic underbog is the most efficient way to get rep, since this also gives Cenarion Expedition rep which I need as well.

The rewards of a tabard and a pet will both help with other achievements, and the rep is needed for three reputation-related achievements as well.


  1. Checking in on you Death! Maybe you'll have better luck learning how to make money on the AH to pay Gyilkos off. Still amazing and very cool to see how you've cataloged the journey.


    P.S. Cynewulf's still kicking your ass at 6460. :-)