Monday, March 8, 2010

Working on Loremaster of Outland

After finishing Eastern Kingdoms, I wanted something easier before I started working on Kalimdor. As a result, I'm doing the outlands quests.

I finished Zangamarsh yesterday and I hope to finish Hellfire Peninsula today. I have about 100 quests for each of Area 52 and Shadowmoon Valley but the other zones are all roughly 50% complete.

I'd like to do all the heroics at the same time since I am missing a LOT of these.

Other notes: I played 60 games of 2v2 and 12 games of 3v3. My 2's team is really starting to click - I'm paired with a combat rogue and we often destroy people in seconds. Our favourite team to play against is rogue+priest, which is both common and powerful. Killing Spree, Blade Flurry, Bloodlust, Wolves, Stormstrike, Frost Shock and totems all landing within 1.5 seconds on the (purged) priest is absurdly good.

I also did a full ZG clear, with my friends passing all the coins and bijous to me for rep. It looks like ZG will be fairly simple to hit exalted with. The only hard boss was hakkar, and that was solely because of his mind control ability.

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