Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loremaster of Outland and some PVP

I'm working on Outland this week.

I have a lot of almost-finished zones and eleven unfinished heroic dungeons (plus their regular counterparts)! I think I'll get everything except for Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley finished by the weekend.

I'd like to have SMV finished by Sunday and all of Outlands Loremaster finished by around March 19th.

I still need to do all the raid bosses (I've done them many times, but never on this character) but I'll wait until I have all the quests befiore starting on these. (Especially the long quest chain for Black Temple attunement).

In other news, PVP is going well. The ridiculous rep grinds for AB and WSG don't actually look THAT bad - they are about 50 hours each assuming 50/50 wins and losses and 15 minute games.

My 2's team is doing well and I hope to get the 1550 achievement this week, or next at the latest. I am finally starting to understand how to play against different classes and who to burst first in each comp.

We have been playing against a LOT of Rogue/Priest and have only lost once in about 25 matchups. Typically, we'll blow up the priest in (literally) 3 seconds untill the opposing rogue gets a fast sap off or the priest can play well.

More to come!

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