Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Winter Veil, lots of cooking, Some Silithus

I picked up Lance-a-lot by accident yesterday while working on completing all of the argent tournament dailies. I still hate dueling.

Simply Abominable was easy - the mob respawn rate is much higher than when this quest first came out and I got in in a minute.

I was extremely happy with Less Rabi coming out of a pug that someone put together for the express purpose of getting the achievement. All they needed was a dps shaman so I put my PVP set on and Wind Shear'ed our way to victory.

I did Bro's Before HoHoHo's this morning and stumbled upon a second rarespawn needed for Frostbitten. The mod again proves its worth! I have a screenshot below to show what happens when NPCScan detects a rare mob. Interestingly, I was flying over to get to warsong hold for the Winter Veil achievement, so now I have confirmation that it works even if you fly over the area with the mob using a flightpath.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I spent quite a bit of time levelling cooking up to 300 (and got the achievement for getting past this level). The cookies needed for winter veil are 325 skill, which is right around what I need to start the outland dailies as well so I plan on doing both later today. The new Bear Flank recipes in Feralas helped a great deal - no need to fish to get to 285 and froom 285 to 300, you just need Sandworm Meat from silithus.

I also busted out 10 Silithus quests (I'd never even gone to the zone before, since this is a reroll and I power leveled to 70 the week before WOTLK) and so I had to run most of the way there to get the flightpath. Fortunately, the quests give Cenarion rep which is a nice boost since I need to get exalted with this faction as well.

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  1. Wow!!! Your are completely NUTS!!!!!

    For the fishing, grab a handful of good movies, and a 12 pack of your beverage of choice ...

    Also you should post your current achievement points compared to your 3.3 goal, like 2010/7850 or whatever so we can track the progress!