Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feast of Winter Veil coming up.

The Feast starts on the 15th. I decided to take a look at the current achievements for this set of quests in order to get a head start (I plan on being online at 6am to complete some right away, especially the ones that are heavily camped).

Here is a list of all feast achievements:

They all look do-able (and many seem like a lot of fun, such as the pelting of opposing faction leaders) except one: fa-la-la-la-ogri-la

To do this, I need to do the Bombing Run daily. The only trouble is, I don't have it yet. This means I need to do the Ogrila quest chain (which needs 5 people) before I can start bombing.

I hope it doesn't need a specific rep to start, or I'm in trouble.

I'll get to this tonight, as well as getting to the other Skyguard dailies. The sooner I do them, the faster I'll get Exalted with these two factions. I foresee needing the help of four guildies to get started since the quest explicitly needs 5 people. The good news is that each run of this Daily gives me 500 Ogrila and 500 Skyguard rep. Nice!

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