Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Battlegrounds and PVP achievements

I'm thinking about how I should start working on all the BG achievements and trying to decide what I should be focusing on in arena (2's, 3's, 5's) for the coming season.

I think that for a shaman with little arena experience, 3's is going to be the easiest of the three to get 2200 in. 2's is currently not a shamans game and 5's, while fun with elemental, is too difficult without a solid amount of experience. There are just too many things going on.

The best 3's spec right now is enhance. The best 2's spec could potentially be enhance also, but looks like it's resto, at least from the top 100 list on and the best 5's spec is elemental.

Elemental and Resto can share gear. Enhance gear is fairly useless for the other two specs.

As a result, I think the plan should be to get to 2200 in 3's and use the points to buy good ele/resto gear then work on getting the 5's achievements next, saving 2 for the last one. Why in this order? Because a high 2's rating doesn't help with the purchase of weapons whereas 5's does, so I can use the points from 3's to get good 5's gear, then the points from 5's to get good 2's gear. Additionally, I can use my high 3's rating to attract a good 5's team who really know what they are doing.

To get 2200 in 3's as enhance, I'll need a good set of enhance gear and two partners (probably a holy(?) paladin and a hunter) that really know how to play.

To get the gear, I'll need to work hard on getting a lot of honor in the BG's while I work on the BG achievements.

Excellent Enhancement Shaman guide for PVP:

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