Monday, December 14, 2009


Hydraxian in particular is going to be ridiculous since this is a reroll and I have yet to run MC. The only way to get rep past revered is to kill bosses in MC for 100 rep a time (so 800 or so rep a run).

This means I'm looking at a minimum of 22 MC runs.

Brood of Nozdormu is, in some ways, worse, but at least there are tokens that are purchaseable - I'm going to start stocking up on these as soon as possible.

Zul'Gurub is the third "classic" dungeon that I need rep with, but at least there I can collect biju's and solo farm parts of it. For MC I'll need a group of 4+ level 80's willing to run MC 20-odd times.

On the PVP front, the more I read, the more I like Beast Cleave (Enhance Shaman, Beast Mastery Hunter, Holy Paladin) for 3's. It's virtually immune to CC and has a lot of burst. Arena season ends in a few weeks so I doubt I'll hit 2200 with zero experience and little time and no gear and no team (heh, understaement of the month?) but it's worth getting some practice in and gearing up for the next season.

Tonights plan:

0. Gather eggs and other mats in preperation for tomorrows quests.
1. Gather some enhance gear with arena points, WG badges, tokens and honor and arena points and get it gemmed and enchanted.
2. Play the BG daily to get used to controls.
3. Do 10 arena games to get at least a tiny number of points for next week.
4. Finish the dailies for Argent Tournament and Skyguard/ Ogrila and the Outland fishing daily.
5. If I have time, nab a third STV Gurubashi arena trinket.

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