Monday, December 14, 2009

Ogrila quests and WG

I finished off the night by doing the giant Ogrila quest chain, starting with Speak with the Ogre.

I needed help with this as, despite the fast it's a level 70 quest, you have to kill 4 5-man elites. I couldn't do it as elemental (they reset if you kite them) and as resto it was taking forever so a rogue friend helped out.

I'm now in a position to do all these dailies as well as the other skyguard ones and I can do "Bomb them Again" for Fa-la-la-la-la-Orgrila which is available tomorrow.

A quick Wintergrasp followed where I focused on killing mounted players with cannons. I got a few, but it's harder than it looks to kill people before they dismount.

Finally, I boned up on PVP specs. I'm pretty certain I'm going to switch to enhance, despite not having any enhance gear presently. All the top shamans in 3v3 on ArenaJunkies are enhance and given the resent Fire Nova Totem elemental nerf (no longer stuns) I think it's time to embrace the axes.

Achievements: 299/1054 (3130)
Days to go: 362

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