Thursday, December 10, 2009

The goal: Complete every single WoW achievement before 11th December 2010

I've played World of Warcraft on and off since beta, although not always with the same account.

I came back to the game yesterday due to two things: the 3.3 patch with new content and reading the following news story:

In a quest to find out how difficult it actually is to achieve what this guy achieved, I've decided to complete every single achievement in the game (including all the new 3.3 achievements) in a year.

Why a year? Mostly it's because I've never done a single Holiday quest and so it will take a full year to complete everything. My goal is to find out just how difficult it is to beat the entire game.

I am a level 80 Orc Resto shaman. This character is relatively fresh, with less than 40 days /played in total and I have never seriously attempted to get any achievements. The Only ones that I currently have are some random ones that were picked up along the way.

Current achievements: 275/1054 (2890 points)

Current ranking: Unknown - I'm so far behind the leader that I am not listed on

Days to go: 365

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