Friday, December 11, 2009

Some guidance, some planning and a new mod

I spent some time digging around wowhead and I now have my priorities in order:

0. If a Holiday/ time-specific achievement is available, do it.
1. Do reputation dailies.
2. Do some fishing in the Dalaran fountain until I get bored. (goal is to start fishing dailies asap)
3. Do some cooking until I get bored. (ditto cooking dailies and all the recipie quests.)
4. If guildies are online and up for it, work on group quests and dungeon achievements.
5. If not, work on completing Loremaster, starting with the northrend quests.

Why loremaster?

a) Loremaster is needed for a crazy number of other achievements, including "Complete 3000 quests".
b) It also gives a huge amount of rep for the "40 Exalted reputations" meta achievement.
c) Exploration credits are easier to get if I'm doing something else at the same time.
d) Mounts become available from the rep for the "100 mounts" achievement.
e) Many quests give pets as a reward.
f) The gold from all the quests will help with all of the other achievements I want to complete. i.e. I'll need to buy a mechanochopper and an expensive bag and mammoth etc.
g) The reputation will help with The Keymaster.
h) There are lots of other quest-related achievements, such as doing all the nessingwary quests or DHETA's little PITA that will come as a consequence of doing loremaster.
j) Other stuff (see below)

The trick with completing every single achievement in the game is to focus on efficiency. Often there is a faster way to do a specific achievement but the goal should always be to complete all of them as quickly as possible.

Relatedly, I want to highlight this interview about achievements from the currently number 1 ranked player, Casperle:

Of particular note is this quote” the hardest achievement was "Frostbitten" where you have to kill all of these rare mobs in Northend.

My last rare to catch was King Krush in Sholazar Basin. I camped him more than 6 hours without a break, flying around and stuff. You know whats coming next... I took a break to pee and stuff but when I came back 5 minutes later, King Krush is in front of me... DEAD :D”

Since the idea of camping for 6 hours for each of the 25 mobs needed for the achievement doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, I started to investigate how to do it most efficiently.

It seems that many players use _NPCScan ( to find rare spawns as soon as they appear. This particular mod announces as soon as the mob appears in your cache.

Perhaps I’ll be able to use it to find the elusive Time Lost Drake for my mount achievement as well…

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