Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting set up

I turned on "Low Level Quest Tracking" in my minimap options - this seems very good for finding all the quests I missed before. My plan is to simply accept and complete as many quests as I can when I am not working on other things. Eventually I'll go back and be systematic about it but for now it's good to simply be aware of the fact that I need to complete these quests.

I also downloaded Lightheaded and Tomtom ( which are excellent mods that show you the location of every quest item.

I'm starting my daily quests by working on the Argent Tournament dailies since I know I need to gather tokens for many days to hit exalted. After this, I'm going to look at doing the longest dailies of the other factions (probably skyguard and ogres) to get started on the long road to exalted with all of these factions.

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