Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Respecced and re-geared to enhance

In preparation for my goal of 2200 in 3's next season, I spent an hour and a half respeccing enhancement and collecting a stack of PVP enhance gear.

I had a lot of stuff lying around in my bank and a large collection of tokens and honor and a few arena points helped round everything out. I'm wearing 2xT8.5 and 3x the PVP set plus a bunch of other PVP items. I lack good weapons (I have an ilevel 200 and 213 fist and mace respectively) but my dps and burst seems reasonable.

I did an AV, several EotS (the daily) and an Isle of Conquest to get used to the spec. It's a lot of fun. The only achievement I picked up was Flurry although I got several wins for other achievements. We also won the same Eye of the Storm 1600 to ... 2. If it was 0, that would have been another achievement. Finally, in the same BG, the game bugged out while I was the flag carrier with all 4 bases held and refused to cap my flag for a third achievement.

My take on EotS achievement is that they look pretty easy compared with some like "win AV in 6 minutes" that needs a dedicated group.

Finally, I forced myself to do all 8 of the Argent tournament solo dailies before going to bed. I think the one I hate the most is the duels. Dueling 7 mobs is very tiresome. It's not like there are every any surprises, just the same button presses over and over. Still, I want my portable mailbox.

Feast of Winter Veil pops when the servers come up. Hopefully I can bust through most of the quests tonight.

Achievements: 300/1054 (3140)
Days to go: 362

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