Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost finished with Argent Tournament

I have been slowly working my way through all of the "Champion of..." achievements, picking up one every 5 days. I got Undercity this morning and I'm due to get Silvermoon, my last and final one, by the 5th of January. I'll get my pony then as well, and I'll be sure to duel someone to finish up the entire event set of achievements.

I got lucky this morning and finally got the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe. This is roughly a 1% drop from each of the two cooking dailies and is required for an achievement in its own right as well as for several meta achievements. I've heard stories of people not getting this recipe over the course of an entire year of dailies, so I was glad to get it after only a couple of weeks.

I started collecting other recipes to help with the Chef achievement and once again I'd like to stress how good the Ackis Recipe List mod is - it shows every recipe you are missing along with exactly where to find it. I'm almost at 100 now.

I hope to start running MC this weekend as it's possibly the longest rep grind in terms of real-world time. (It needs 26 weekly runs to get to exalted). I also plan on completing all of the Northrend quests tomorrow for Loremaster and getting started on the low-level oldworld quests.

Finally, I just want to mention that I picked up a Battered Hilt on Christmas Day (nice present!) from Forge of Souls. The questline is a lot of fun and it has a nice achievement at the end of it. Oh, yeah, and a 251 ilevel weapon...

Achievements: 364/1054 (3795 points)
Days to go: 344

Recent Achievements:
Plenty of Pets (christmas pets helped out here)
Champion of Thunder Bluff
Grizzled Veteran
Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle
the quel serar one! (from the battered hilt)
1000 fish!
Explore Zul'Drak
Explore Northrend
The Fishing Diplomat
Explore Dun Morogh
25 Dalaran Cooking Awards
Kickin it up a Notch
Champion of the Undercity

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