Monday, August 2, 2010

Outland Dungeon Hero and Timbermaw!

Outland Dungeon Hero was simple enough.

The Love Me In That Tunnel requires 6 solid hours of grinding the same mobs over and over. The only way that I could stay sane was to queue for PVP after a couple of clears of the Furbolg camps.

Plus, you get a cool trinket for exalted!

Finally, I picked up around 10 PVP achievements from all the PVP I was doing. Next up: more PVP and some Mag'Har grinding.


  1. GJ atm dude!

    How are you thinking of doing Light of Dawn + Bane of the Fallen King?

  2. My plan for hardmode ICC (especially LK) is to either wait until level 85 (assuming Cata is out before December) or to pay a guild a huge amount of gold to join them in their HM kill.

    My server (Spirestone) got it's first Heroic LK kill a week or two ago. With some practice, I could probably get one of the guilds who have accomplished this to let me into their run for a sizeable (100,000g) pile of gold if it's not available at 85.

    Speaking of availability - I am going to check the current beta to see what happened to the hardest achievements so far.