Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still working on Netherstorm

I expect to have Netherstorm finished on Saturday, which will complete all of my Outlands quests. I'm down to my last few hundred quests in total for Loremaster (and The Seeker).

The Netherstorm quests are fairly fun and I'm getting a lot of scryers rep from Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes as well as some Consortium rep.

As for what comes next... I'm not sure. I know I need to prioritize Molten Core runs since I have 22 more of those to do (and I can only do them once per week) but I'm also starting to worry about getting my arena standings up. Most of the reputation grinds seem fairly simple and they all involve roughly a months work.

Should I work on PVP, picking up a resto and an elemental set to try different specs for arena? Should I focus on grinding reputations? Should I try to bust out all the Dungeons and Raids achievements as early as possible to prevent problems finding groups later?

Right now, I think that post-loremaster I'll spend an hour each day working on daily quests for a variety of factions and hoarding the money from each in order to buy a lot of the expensive mounts needed for achievements. I'll try to get a daily PVP in as well, and focus a bit more on PVP on the weekends. I'm also going to get a regular MC group together to bust out my weekly 800 reputation for the Hydraxian Waterlords.

This means that my Dungeon and Raids achievements are, by necessity, going to have to wait until June to be seriously worked on. This seems best as it will give my guild mates another 6-7 weeks of gearing up before trying to convince them that Yogg+0 isn't really all that hard...

In short, I plan to dedicate a month to each major area with a goal of finishing as many achievements as possible in that one area.

April: Loremaster and Quest achievements
May: Reputations
June: Dungeons and Raids
July: PVP
August: Arena (may switch with PVP depending on the cutoff date for Gladiator).
September: Professions (lots of Fishing to do), Mounts, tabards, anything that requires a lot of gold, etc.
October: try to finish up anything I am missing (the harder Dungeon achievements, 100,000 kills etc.)
November: I expect the expansion to come out around this point so I guess "level to 85"?
December: Bask in glory!

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