Thursday, April 8, 2010

1123 eggs later...

I finally got the RNG to drop my Elegant Dress. This was a truly horrible grind. The dress is supposed to have a 0.5% drop rate (1 in 200 eggs, on average) so I was supremely unlucky not to get one until over 1000 eggs. Even after my 1000th egg, I was perfectly aware that I still only had a 1 in 200 chance to get the dress on my next cracking of an egg.

The first few days went well, with lots of achievements getting completed (I got the pet early and was feeling happy that the achievement wouldn't take long) but then slow realization crept in: the dress would never drop!

I did most of my grinding in Falconwing Square. When the area was busy, it's possible to camp in a few areas and be within reach of 5 eggs or so. When it's quiet, there is a nice circular path that you can take (with the speed boost) and can collect several eggs in a minute.

Once I passed 400 eggs however, I started to waver. In the eng, I just set a goal of opening 100 eggs and then quitting to do something else (PVP etc.). towards the end, I was seriously considering filing a bug report :)

Anyway, now that that's over, I've decided to prioritize some easy-to-get achievements so that I can start to focus on PVP more heavily next month (as well as rep-grind daily quests).

Ordered checklist of achievements I plan on completing before April 31st:

Hard Boiled (10)
Desert Rose (10)
Blushing Bride (10)
Shake your Bunny-Maker (10)
Noble Gardener (10)

On the Blades Edge (10)
Into the Nether (10)
Shadow of the Betrayer (10)
Loremaster of Outland (10)
Loremaster of Kalimdor (10)
The Loremaster (10)
Guru of Drakuru (10)
3000 Quests completed (120)

Explore Mulgore (10)
Explore Azuremist Isle (10)
Explore the Barrens (10)
Explore Bloodmyst Isle (10)
Explore Ashenvale (10)
Explore Thousand Needles (10)
Explore Stonetalon Mountains (10)
Explore Desolace (10)
Explore Dustwallow Marsh (10)
Explore Feralas (10)
Explore Tanaris Desert (10)
Explore Azshara (10)
Explore Felwood (10)
Explore Silithus (10)
Explore Winterspring (10)
Explore Netherstorm (10)
Explore Shadowmoon Valley (10)
Explore Kalimdor (25)
Explore Outland (25)
World Explorer (50)

Ten Tabards (20)
To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before (10)
To all the Squirrels Who've Shared My Life (10)
Pest Control (10)
Friend of Fowl (10)
Well Read (10)
Filling Up The Barn (25)

Dungeons and Raids:
Sunken Temple (10)
King of Dire Maul (10)
Classic Dungeonmaster (10)
Temple of Ahn'Quiraj (10)
Classic Raider (20)
Shadow Labyrinth (10)
Heroic: Shadow Labyrinth (10)
The Steamvault (10)
Heroic: The Steamvault (10)
Outland Dungeonmaster (10)
Heroic: Mana-tombs (10)
Heroic: Aucheni Crypts (10)
Heroic: the Escape from Durnholde (10)
Heroic: Sethekk Halls (10)
Heroic: Opening of the Dark portal (10)
Heroic: Magisters Terrace (10)
Outland Dungeon Hero (20)

Completing all of this will give me 795 more points, which seems like an enormous amount. That means my mini-goal for April 31st is 6660 points. (618/1054)

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