Friday, April 2, 2010


I got exalted with Sporeggar this morning, netting me a pet and a tabard as well as the achievement. In the end, I caved and bought the last few sanguine hibiscus from the AH. They weren't much - 200g for all that I needed.

I'm refocusing on getting the Loreaster achievements completed and I worked on them for an hour this morning. I'm currently in Dragonspine in Outland, which is probably my least favourite zone because of all the flying needed to move around (as well as the fact that the lore seems... tacked on somehow).

I expect to finish the zone over the weekend.

I also got some PVP in. It's WSG weekend so I plan on trying to get in as many games as possible since rep is easier to farm on BG Holidays.

Noblegarden is coming up this weekend as well. I've read the guides and it seems straightforward - gather lots and lots of eggs and hope to get lucky with drops. Only buy the items you need after you have gathered all the eggs you will ever want to avoid buying something that you find later.

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