Friday, April 30, 2010

Plan for may - Reputations

Now that Loremaster is almost done (I should finish tomorrow, hopefully) it's time to start looking at my goal for the next month: getting as many reputations as possible to exalted. has an excellent reputation calculator that is customized to your character.

I took a look at every faction I need that has their own achievement and that wasn't already at exalted. I'm developing a plan for daily quests and dungeon runs based on this information.


The Oracles - 301/21000 (Revered)

The Oracles have 3 daily quests yeilding a total of 1700 reputation per day. This means that in 13 days I'll be exalted (and I can then switch to frenzyheart)

The Kalu'ak - 2740/21000 (Revered)
The Kalu'ak have 3 daily quests (in 3 different zones) yeilding 1500 rep per day. Again, 13 days and I'll be exalted (and get a sweet fishing pole!)


Ashtongue Deathsworn - 685/6000 (Friendly)
6 Full clears of Black Temple will help me hit exalted (I've done several one-off quests already). That means 6 weeks of raiding for a couple of hours at a time. In addition, I have the rest of a long quest chain to complete.

Netherwing - 250/3000 (Neutral)
I have completed all the quests up to the point where I can start doing Netherwing dailies. Aside from the achievement for exalted, Netherwing also supplies many mounts for the "100 mounts" achievement.

According to wowjuju, it will take me 18 days of completing all of the daily quests (6? 9?) to hit exalted. Fortunately they are all fairly close together.

The Mag'har - 2136/21000 (Revered)

This is a purely grindable faction - kill ogres in nagrand for rep and warbeads which can be turned in for more rep (or for consortium rep). Assuming I do nothing but kill mobs, I need to kill around 1900 ogres for xalted. This faction has a lot of nice Talbuk mounts for sale for the 100 mounts achievement.

The Violet Eye - 9027/12000 (Honored)
Grind Karazhan. I also have a few quests to help with rep. Wowjuju says 5 full clears of kara should be enough for exalted, so that's 5 weeks of raiding.

Cenarion Expedition - 6954/21000 (Revered)
There are a lot of ways to hit exalted with this faction. The simplest is probably just running steamvault and buying any coilfang armaments that are on the auctionhouse. 7 heroic Steamvaults runs is all that
I need.

Ogri'la - 735/6000 (Friendly)
Exalted will take 26 days worth of daily quests (4 per day) Since this is almost a full month worth of quests, I plan on making these one of my highest priorities.

The Scale of the Sands - 0/3000 (Neutral)

The only real way to get scales rep is by running Hyjal. Fortunately, I only need 6 clears to hit exalted. (6 weeks)

Thrallmar - 1637/21000 (Revered)
While there are some other ways of doing this, the simplest is going to be running either Blood Furnace (heroic) 8 times or heroic Shattered Halls 7 times. (7-8 days)

Keepers of Time - 7110/1200 (Honored)
Old Hillsbrad/ Black Morass farming. I need 11 Old Hillsbrad clears to exalted, so 11 days of runs.

Sha'tari Skyguard - 4080/6000 (Friendly)
In theory, it's possible to get Exalted in a single day via mob kills and repeatable quests, however I'm not doing this. There are 4 daily quests that will get me exalted in 26 days. I plan on doing these along with Ogri'la as my core dailies. I will, however, probably get some rep from kills and from turning in 6xShadow Dust repeatedly so I doubt it will take the full 26 days.

The Scryers - 11290/1200 (Honored)
63 Arcane Tomes or 870 Sunfury Signets will hit exalted for me. I picked up 250 signets for 130g the last time I checked the AH so I'll probably do a mix of buying signets and picking them up from some instances that I am running for rep for other factions.

Lower City - 634/12000 (Honored)
Realistically, the main way to do this is via running heroic Shadow Labyrinth. I need to do so 13 times (so 13 days) for exalted. It's tough to solo, even at 80.

Shattered Sun Offensive - 240/6000 (Friendly)
There are 21 daily quests for this faction, plus (heroic) Magisters Terrace. I plan on doing a mix of both since the dungeon gives a mount and a pet. If I do all the quests, it should take 8 days to hit exalted. Realistically, I'll probably do about 10 per day.

The Consortium - 6620/12000 (Honored)

Heroic Mana Tombs gives consortium rep (I'd need 11 heroic runs for exalted) and I can also turn in several
repeatable quests, notably warbeads from killing orgres for the Mag'har.

The Sha'tar - 11902/1200 (Honored)
Heroic Arcatraz or Botanica are the best places to farm Sha'tar rep, requiring a mere 8 runs until exalted. I also have several quests remaining that will give me several thousand rep when completed.


Argent Dawn - 9352/21000 (Revered)

A combination of undead Stratholme runs (chance at the Baron mount) and turning in Scourgestones from said run should get me exalted in 7 runs or less. Especially since I get extra rep from rescuing the prisoner in under 45 minutes.

Cenarion Circle - 914/21000 (Revered)
Hitting exalted shouldn't be hard. I'll be running AQ40 (and perhaps 20) several times and I still have a few more quests to complete in silithus. I also happen to have a large number of Quiraji Lord's Insignia to hand in, although I am going to wait until I am almost neutral with Brood of Nozdormu first before doing so (because trash mobs no longer give brood rep at friendly). There are also lots of repeatable quests. I can't see this taking long to get.

Timbermaw Hold - 2550/3000 (Unfriendly)
This is simply a pure grind. I need to kill roughly 1600 mobs in felwood and loot them in order to have roughly enough to hit exalted. Notably, exalted gives a cool trinket.

Zandalar Tribe - 2431/12000 (Honored)
Running ZG 13 times will give me enough for exalted, however I plan to take all the bijous and coins and quests as well. I think I can get this done in around 4 runs, buying any final bijous from the AH. (about 250 bijous would do it too)

Brood of Nozdormu - 16001/36000 (Hated)
In theory, 9 full clears of AQ40 will get me to exalted. As I said above, I am saving all my tokens for post-neutral since trash will no longer give rep at this point. Important to note is that C'thun alone gives 2500 rep per kill. I expect to get this done in around 5-6 clears due to tokens.

Hydraxian Waterlords - 3065/1200 (Honored)

Yeah, fuck you Molten Core. I need 23 more clears (weeks) to hit exalted. Once I'm revered I'll only get 800 rep per clear (only need the bosses, no trash). I hate this one.

Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch both need about 400 games for exalted. I'll focus more on these when it's time to PVP.

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  1. I'm sure you've got to do it anyways, but childrens week give a bit of lower city rep, and I believe oracle rep too.