Monday, April 19, 2010

The 25 most evil achievements in the game ( - part 1)

Aaron said...

    I'm curious on if you have plans for the achievements posted on today? This list immediately made me think of your blog.

Here is my take on these:

25. We Had It All Along *cough*

This involves winning AB 1600-1590. I actually thought I already had this one, but it looks like I don't. It's tough.

I plan on working on this in July which is the month that I plan to devote entirely to battlegrounds. I'll need to get a premade to do it. Our plan is to cap farm and hold it until the opposition reaches 340 and then cap blacksmith, Lumber Mill and Gold Mine quickly after that, following up with Stables for the 5-cap if needed.

To do this right, you need 15 very geared players and Ventrilo but it's certainly possible.

24. The Cake Is Not A Lie

I picked this one up on January 2nd. It's pretty horrible since it's pure RNG.

23. BB King (Alliance) or BB King (Horde)

I should go do this tonight. I only have one leader left and I simply haven't gotten around to it yet.

22. A Mask for All Occasions

THIS is what is going to break me. There are currently three achievements in the game that it's not possible for me to do in one year (Brew of the Year and Veteran Nanny, both because they take more than a year to complete, and Crashin' Thrashin' racer because it needs to be christmas to do this one and there were no racers avauilable last year.)

This one is possible, it's just completely horrible. It's pure RNG again, except that the chances of hitting all 20 masks in a single year are almost non-existant. I'm planning on making a macro to complete for me and trying to hit it once an hour while at work.

I think this is the one that will make me fail however.

21. King of the Fire Festival/Elders of the Alliance/Elders of the Horde

Doesn't really look too hard.

20. The Immortal

With all my guild in ilevel 264+ gear, this shouldn't be too hard. Our last attempt was cake until we got a disconnect on phase 3 Kael :/ I'll do this one in June (My "Dungeons and Raids" month).
19. 40 Exalted Reputations

18. All You Can Eat

I already have this one.

17. Gotta Go!

Again, doesn't seem overly hard now.

16. A Tribute to Immortality (Alliance) or A Tribute to Immortality (Horde)

Horrible, but doable. With a lot of practice, I think we'll get this one before the expansion comes out. If not, well, we can always try it at level 85. :)

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