Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gold, SSC and Argent Dawn

Most of my efforts have been focused on either raiding or generating gold this week. I'll start with the non-gold stuff:

I hit exalted with the Argent Dawn by running my wife's alt through Undead Stratholme a bunch of times. No mount dropped, alas. I also did living side, mostly for the Righteous Orbs to sell for the Crusader enchant.

I also did some random BC raids, including killing Lady Vashj in SSC. She's much easier at 80 :)

On the gold front, I am finally getting a solid system together. I'd like to do all of my crafting 1-2 days a week since it takes up so much time. My biggest sticking point was actually getting enough vellums at a decent price. In the end, I got some guild scribes to help me out but for the future, I've decided to level up a scribe solely to help me get cheap vellums. (The markup on the AH is insane - 800% or more.) Tankspiral, my new level 58 Deathknight, is now my new scribe.

Enchants are selling well but I feel like I need to be more agressive with my pricing. The money to be made on bigger enchants like Blade Ward is ridiculous - 200g+. I think it's time that I crash the market a bit since I now know who my competitors are.

I'll finally be picking a good epic gem recipe for my jewelcrafting today. I'm going to get Delicate Cardinal Ruby since it seems to have the most markup (50%) and seems to be selling well.

I hope to finish getting a gold-making system in place this week and finally go back to busting out achievements. 7000 points by the 15th of the month is my current goal.

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