Tuesday, June 15, 2010

+4 to all stats

Gold grinding is still going well. I only sold a single 500g+ scroll yesterday (Typically I'll sell 2-3) but I sold a lot of 10g-20g profit items.

I'm getting close top the point where I have three of every enchant on the AH at all times. Once I get there, I'll be able start collecting gold without immediately spending it on more inventory again.

One special thing of note: I picked up the +4 to all stats enchant yesterday from the AH. I'd been looking for several weeks and I'd never found it (it's a world drop with a really low drop rate). They seem to be selling right now for 130g each, costing 30g to make. Total price paid? 20g buyout!


  1. Just curious, how much did you pay for the recipe?

  2. I paid 20g for the +4 to all stats recipe.

    Yeah. Ridiculous.

    I searched for it three times a day every day for months. When I showed up, I was extremely happy.