Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flipping pets on Alliance

While I have been focusing heavily on getting my enchanting business up and running, I thoguht it would be worthwhile to briefly post on my first foray into the Alliance side fo the AH.

Last week, I picked up one of the Horde-side Argent tournament pets from a guy in trade. He was asking 400g and I offered 312g. (Market price horde-side is around 420g).

I moved it to a level 1 alt on the alliance side via the neutral AH and flipped it quite quickly for 650g. I then scanned the AH using auctioneer to find arbitrage oppertunities and wound up loading up on cheap level 45-ish epics for 80g each, a few very good twink blues in the range of 20g-30g each and 4 stacks of Northern Spices for 35g each.

Out of sheer dumb luck, someone had bought all the spices out horde side, and I managed to flip all four stacks for 235g a stack. The epics all sold for around 400g each with only one relist and most of the blues have also sold for around 200g each. The gold per hour is ridiculous and I plan to do this on a bigger scale soon.

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