Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going for every enchanting recipe

My "endgame" goal with enchanting is to have every single enchant in the game available on the AH at all times. Since it's free to post enchants (other than the 1-2 seconds of extra time) there is little downside in having a "long tail" inventory so long as I keep my thresholds higher than the materials cost.

There are several enchants that look crappy right now because the scrolls sell for much less than the market price of the mats. Quick Auctions simply won't post these, so there is no real cost to me for having these lying around. If demand DOES increase, I'll already be there, covering it.

It's worth noting that I plan on making all of the low level enchants available, albeit at a huge markup. I am not selling an enchant for less than 10g and the mats cost me (including vellums and AH cut of 5%) around 5g. For the lowest level enchants I'll simply keep 3 up at all times, with 20g fallback, 10g threshold and a 10s undercut.

I had another 2000g sales day yesterday. It seems like anything under 600g is the sweet spot for Blade Ward scrolls on my server. I get a lot of undercutting competition when I let the price get back up to 650g or so. The mats are 496g at market prices (I never pay market) so I'm always making 100g or so each time I sell one. I've capped my price at 599g for now to avoid people seeing the juicy returns.

I plan on getting all of the enchants in the game, as mentioned above. To do this, I'll be working my way through this list on WowWiki. It looks like a lot of the interesting enchants are from reputations that I need to be collecting anyway.

So why all the focus on gold and less focus on achievements? Simple: I am starting to realise that the hardest achievements are simply not going to come to me easily. I need Gladiator this season and, while I can PVP, I certainly don't have a gladiator-ready team at the moment. I, therefore, plan on buying one. I'm going to look for a 3's team that will take 100,000g each to get me glad. I may need to pay for some high-end raiding achievements as well. (heroic lich king?) In particular, I need cash to pay for any achievements that are going away in Cataclysm that I can't get on my own.

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