Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still no Pony

I have 150 Champion's seals. I have finished all the daily quest chain to represent all 5 cities and I've got exalted with the Argent Tournament yet so far, no pony. It seems that I need to work on getting every one of my 5 home city reputations up to exalted. Since I am only halfway through revered on 3/5 of them (the other two are exalted) I plan on working on this before finishing Icecrown. (The icecrown quests that I have left are all group quests that are difficult to solo.)

In other news, I broke 4000 points. That over a thousand in less than a month.

Dinner Impossible
I've gone and made a mess
Champion of Silvermoon City
Champion of the horde
storming the citadel
emerald void

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