Monday, January 11, 2010

Plan for the week

I'm still working on Loremaster as my primary task, as well as doing "The Oracles" dailies. I have finished "Icecrown: The Final Goal" which just leaves one more northrend zone to complete.

I'm currently working my way through the Ghostlands quests in eastern kingdom in order to get exalted with the blood elves and then I'll head to Undercity and Thunderbluff to finish off those reputations.

This seems like a strange way to approach Loremaster, but I feel that it's the most efficient route. I am putting a lot of effort into obtaining the portable bank/mailbox from the Argent Tournament before I start getting into heavy questing in the old world. Thsi will hopefully make questing easier, especially when it comes to things like storing lots of quest items or using an alt to buy things needed for quests from the AH.

After I get the Argent Pony, I'm going to work on Argent Crusade rep and then Timbermaw rep and THEN work fully on Loremaster. Again, this seems strange, but it's all about efficiency - the quests still give reputation at revered while killing mobs often doesn't. My goal is to kill enough mobs to hit revered and THEN do the appropriate quests. Make sense?

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