Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sewer Rat's and Alterac Blitz

I had a computer crash and I can't find all the achievements I accomplished in the last few days. But, at least I remember I got:

Alterac blitz
I smell a Giant Rat (sheer luck - I got it on my 22nd cast in the sewers)
Second that Emotion
Northrend gourmet
the Cake is not a Lie

and many others

I've been working on my cooking, buying up obscure Alliance-only recipes wherever possible. I'm at the point that without the Pilgrim's holiday, I should be able to hit 160 as soon as I have done all my Dalaran dailies. (I got the last of the recipe's from the Shattrath cooking daily recently).

I also worked heavily on Loremaster. I should finish Icecrown tomorrow leaving only one zone for northrend Loremaster. I expected to be done sooner but the group quests in Icecrown seem to take a very long time.

Achiements: 376/1054 (3925)

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