Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Enchanting should be your main profession

Assuming you are a Completist, that is, you are after every achievement in the game, Enchanting should be one of your two primary professions. Here is why:

1. Enchanting scrolls are an excellent source of money. They cost 1s to list and players seem willing to pay a lot of money for convenience.

2. You'll have access to a disenchant in every dungeon run you do. This is especially relevant if you are doing Burning Crusade dungeons and the like.

3. Every time you get an upgrade, you can Disenchant your own gear.

4. As a Completist, you are going to be doing every quest in the game. Instead of getting a few silver from vendoring a quest reward, you can get a Large Brilliant Shard or something similar, which can sell for 50g.

5. Also as a completist, you are going to be running every instance in the game, probably many times. Again, being able to DE everything will make you a ton of money and giving you a steady supply of older enchanting materials that can be difficult to obtain in bulk quantities.

6. As an achievement collector, you'll eventually be exalted with lots of obscure factions. Check out this list:

Very few players have exalted with many of these factions. Often, you will be one of the few on your server with the pattern and that means you can charge monopoly prices on the enchants that are available from faction reputation vendors.

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