Friday, April 22, 2011

New Beginnings

 I've decided to start my achievements project back up. No end date, just "as quickly as possible".

the goal is to get every single achievement in the game, as always, except this time I'm not capping it at all achievements before a certain date. That means when 4.1 rolls around and delivers new achievements, I'll be there collecting them.

I've learned a lot about the achievements game since my last attempt at this exercise and I'm more prepared now. Firstly, getting achievements takes an extremely long time and, because of this, I'm going to suggest a much greater focus on paying gold for help with achievements than before.

Sure, you could farm 20,000 sunfury rings for the sunfury rep yourself, but ultimately it's much easier to buy them from the AH when they are cheap. The same goes for many other aspects of the game: it's probably faster to pay a top guild to help me bust through certain achievements than it is to train 24 other people in the fight and do it myself. I'll still need to be competent enough to complete the fights, I just don't have to rely on training other people so much.

To those that think that buying the achievements is cheating or cheap somehow, you are welcome to follow your own advice and never engage a mob unless it outlevels you and never do instances at a level higher than they were originally designed for.

In my mind, so long as I don't resort to chjeating (e.g. paying real-world money for in-game gold or botting) then any approach I can take is a good one so long as it gets the job done efficiently.

So, with that, let me spell out what I plan to do in my next few posts:

1. Take stock, specifying where I am
2. Outline how I have started making gold
3. Develop a plan for picking up achievements optimally, given my new gold-based approach and my serious lack of time to devote to grinding out things that could eb done by others.

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