Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grinding Argent Dawn, plus Netherwing and Jewelcrafting

I'm 14000/21000 argent dawn and I plan on getting exalted today (I'm running my wife's lowbie though UD strat).

I ditched mining and went jewelcrafting. I'm sitting at 421/450 util I get enough tokens to make a profitable meta cut and then I'll cap it out.

My enchanting scrolls auction system is going very well. Once I build up my cash reserves a little more, I should be at the point where I have two of every profitable enchanting scroll on the AH all of the time.

Doing all of this AH grinding has made me wonder if the skills are transferable to the real world. Because of WoW, I've recently started a web business with a heavy reliance on computerized automation. I think it could do very well, and the startup costs are almost nil. The simple act of planning out every step in a process and making it as efficient as possible (for AH gold generation) has really made me aware of places in the real world where similar strategies could work.

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