Monday, May 3, 2010

Definitely NOT Loremaster

Doubtless, you'll notice a distinct lack of Loremaster screenshots today.

I have completed exactly ONE quest since I last posted. I didn't play at all over the weekend as we had some friends staying from Friday until late on Sunday.

I woke up this morning, intending to at least put a dent in the list only to spend my time doing arena with my 2's partner instead.

I'll probably do Childrens Week tonight (seems fairly easy) and I have a goal of getting 25 quests completed for Loremaster as well. Hopefully I'll finish soon.

I'm also going to start on my rep grind, with Ogrila and the Skylords as my first targets. (I need 5 daily quests with my orphan out for Childrens Week anyway...)

Finally, my hope is that Chldrens Week will help my rep a little as well. According to Joshua "I'm sure you've got to do it anyways, but childrens week give a bit of lower city rep, and I believe oracle rep too."

Thanks for the heads up!

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