Monday, March 18, 2013

Starting again

I've decided to give the "get all achievements" thing another shot. I sat down and made a list of the most difficult wow achievements (in terms of time). Some are "difficult" because they take 30+ weeks to complete (like conquest points) and others are difficult because even through they are theoretically uncapped, the amount of time required is ridiculous. In no particular order, the "big" achievements that take months: 1. Quintissential Quintet (5 level 90's) (1 on alliance side - need all the levelling help I can get - DK + RAF + all heirloom gear + rested XP + monk). 2. We're going to need more saddles (150 mounts) 3. 100,000 Daily quests complete (Account wide) 4. Bloody Rare, Frosbitten, Glorious - just because of sheer number of rares needed 5. 250,000 Honerable kills (account wide) 6. 50,000 Conquest points (single character - need to do BG's to hit cap for around 30 weeks) 7. The rated BG + Arena ones (e.g. 2400 points and gladiator - do this in a single push) 8. 50,000 Valor on one character and 100,000 between characters - need to cap valor for over 30 weeks. Don't forget the 6000 valor for Wrathion. 9. Get all professions to 600 (Need 6 characters to manage this) 10. 60 Exalted Reputations on one character (Need to remember to get all sub-reputations as well like Hydraxian Waterlord which takes 24 weeks. Don't forget to use rep-boosts) 11. Collect 400 Unique pets/ World Safari (catch every single pet, including ones that only show up during winter/summer etc.) 12. Win 5000 pet battles and (much harder) 5000 PVP pet battles Since there is an achievement for getting to 600 in every single profession, I plan on carefully distributing my professions among Quintissential Quintet characters so that I've got at least 10 of them covered. My basic goal right now (since I've barely played in MOP) is to get a set of good damage-dealing gear from PVP. The reason for starting with this is that trying to quest without good gear takes so much longer than simply picking up the gear. The other part of my strategy is to use gold to save time wherever possible. Making gold in WoW is very easy, especially with multiple level-600 professions and so it's much more efficient to, say, pay 9000g for a Hozen Peace Pipe (+1000 to many reputations) than it is to do daily quests for all those reps. Spending 10 minutes per day on gold generation can net at least 1500g per day, even if I only focus on selling enchanting scrolls and gems from JC. Current plan: 1. Get a set of good, epic, PVP gear to do quests and to have a decent ilevel to let me into the higher level Looking for Raid dungeons. 2. (Every Week) Get the weekly conquest cap through random BG's. 3. (Every Week) Get the weekly Valor cap. Focus on buying PVE resto gear (since that's the fastest spec to get into random dungeon queues). 4. (Every Week) Buy and use a Hozen Peace Pipe. (And get all rep-boosting BOA items wherever possible) 5. (Daily) Do 1 random Dungeon, 1 random Scenario and two farm quests (for rep purposes) With any spare time, I'm going to focus on getting another character to level 90. I already have a Shaman and a level 40 alliance druid. For the others, I plan on making a Monk (since Monks get +50% EXP for 1 hour daily), a Death Knight (Since I can start at level 55) and a mage (Hunter is probably faster to level but a Mage is more fun to me). I plan on starting with a Pandaren (for the double rested) Monk (For the 50% bonus experience) and get that to 90. I'll need a full set of heirloom gear (I think most gear stops working at level 80 however, except head and cloak). I'll post my gear tomorrow.

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