Sunday, October 2, 2011

25 Man Heroic Lich King

Doing heroic LK in 25 man is still somewhat difficult. The DPS portions are, obviously, much easier, but coordinating 25 people to handle Valkyr and Defiles is still complex.

We probably took 2 hours to down this boss after loading a save from the week before.

My only suggestions are to ensure that you agressively kick PUG people that can't move from defile/ shadowtrap and make sure that everyone is clear which Valkyr to target for stuns/ where to run for the Necrotic Plague. Finally, make sure you have DBM set to include the old bossmods like this one.

I should be doing 10-man heroic LK a week from now. For now, I am completely ignoring the new raids due to having a small child to take care of (the reason that I haven't posted in months. Fortunately, it looks like even at one month old, he knows what life's priorities are:

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